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Thursday, May 19, 2011

CHARACTER BLOWOUT. Heroine Interview. Jennifer Jakes', RAFE'S REDEMPTION. Love Historical Westerns? Chance to win big!!!

It’s that time again! A Writer’s Mind END OF WEEK CHARACTER BLOWOUT continues. For those of you unfamiliar, this particular blog feature is all about interviewing the hero and heroine from some of your favorite tales. Thursday, the heroine. Friday, the hero. But it’s not as simple as that. Nope. These questions are designed to see how well the characters know one another. Grilled with similar questions, The Character Blowout is much like The Dating Game blog style!

So let’s have some fun. This week it’s my pleasure to welcome Maggie Monroe and Rafe McBride from Jennifer Jakes’, award-winning novel, RAFE’S REDEMPTION. Today we’ll be getting to know Maggie a bit better… and how well she really knows her man.

This just in... Jennifer Jakes would like to run a contest! From her lips to my blog... "I will give away 1 e-copy (PDF) of RAFE’S REDEMPTION to one lucky reader who leaves a comment about whether they enjoy an Alpha hero or a Beta hero. ((Rafe is definitely an Alpha))"

For those of you who might be on the fence about the difference between Alphas and Betas, I pulled some 'quick pick' descriptions of each off the net and listed them at the end of this post.

Before we begin, here’s a little bit about RAFE’S REDEMPTION…

He rode into town to buy supplies, not a woman.

For hunted recluse Rafe McBride, the raven-haired beauty on the auction block is exactly what he doesn't need. A dependent woman will be another clue his vengeful stepbrother can use to find and kill him. But Rafe's conscience won't let him leave another innocent's virginity to the riff-raff bidding. He buys her, promising to return her to St. Louis untouched. He only prays the impending blizzard holds off before her sultry beauty breaks his willpower.

She wanted freedom, not a lover.

Whisked to the auction block by her devious, gambling cousin, and then sold into the arms of a gorgeous stranger, outspoken artist Maggie Monroe isn't about to go meekly. Especially when the rugged mountain man looks like sin and danger rolled into one. But a blizzard and temptation thrust them together, and Maggie yearns to explore her smoldering passion for Rafe.

Alright, time to get to know Maggie better!

SKY: Tell us a little bit about you.

MAGGIE: I’m an artist from St. Louis. My trip to San Francisco was the opportunity I’d waited a lifetime for – to travel and sketch the West. I didn’t even mind the bumpy stagecoach . . . until the wheel cracked and we had to stop in a Colorado outpost.

SKY: Oooh, never a good thing when the wheel cracks. But I’ll bet it was all meant to be. Remembering the moment you first laid eyes on Rafe, what thoughts come to mind?

MAGGIE: That he was cleaner than the other men bidding on me. Then I hoped he was reasonable and would grant me my freedom because he looked dangerous in a delicious way – one that could compromise my heart and therefore my independence.

SKY: I like the sound of Rafe already! He has one trait you adored from the start. What is it? You know without doubt he appreciates one of your traits. Share what you think that is.

MAGGIE: His kindness. He is the most unselfish man I’ve ever known. As for what he appreciates about me . .  I’d say it’s my outspoken nature. Even though he claims it’s my ability to bake.

SKY: He has one trait you’d change if you could. What is it? Oh yeah, there’s a trait you know he’d change about you…fess up!

MAGGIE: Can something be a blessing and a curse? Because there are times when I wish Rafe would let me carry some of the load. I’m not going to break just because I’m a woman and I’m very capable of helping him. Me? Oh, I know what he’d say. That I’m stubborn. But I’m no more stubborn than he.

SKY: My kind of gal! Nothing wrong with wanting to carry your own weight. Ah, love is in the air. What is the single most romantic thing he’s done for you?

MAGGIE: Given me a long, hot bubble bath including washing my hair. Decadant.

SKY: Nice! He has a feature that draws your eye every time. Care to share? His eye constantly roams to a particular part of your person. Tell, tell!

MAGGIE: His eyes. They are the most interesting shade of gray. Stormy and cool when he’s angry and liquid steel when he’s . . .aroused. I think he loves my hair. When we’re in bed he has an unconscious habit of wrapping and unwrapping a strand of my hair around his finger.

SKY: *Smiles* Rafe sounds incredible. How do you think he would answer the following… Our favorite thing to do together is…?

MAGGIE: Oh! I can’t say that in front of other people!

SKY: Of course you can! *Grins* But I appreciate your descreetness. Now, you and Rafe just don’t see eye to eye on what issue?

MAGGIE: Well, we mostly agree now. But after I was almost killed, we had a huge fight on whether to stay in Colorado. He felt it was too dangerous for a woman. I did not agree. Do you care to guess where we live? (grin)

SKY: I can only imagine! Rafe said one thing to you that you’ll never forget. What was it?

MAGGIE: He told me he was proud of me. That’s something my father never said.

SKY: Well, Maggie, sounds like you’ve found yourself a keeper. Rafe sounds amazing. I can’t wait to have him over tomorrow. So curious to see how he answers some of these questions! Fantastic interview. Thanks so much for visiting A Writer's Mind!

What they’re saying about RAFE’S REDEMPTION…

5 Tea Cups!

This is a powerful book from beginning to end, with endless moments of suspense. I found myself with tears in my eyes and my stomach in knots. I just could not put this book down …. I truly enjoyed reading this story and recommend it to anyone that loves to read a good romance story with a little of suspense into it.

Monica – Happily Ever After Reviews

Can't wait to read RAFE'S REDEMPTION? Purchase now!

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Don't forget... 1 e-copy (PDF) of RAFE’S REDEMPTION goes to one lucky reader who comments about whether they enjoy an Alpha hero or a Beta hero.

Contest ends Saturday, May 20th at 12 AM EST.

Be sure to pop back in tomorrow as I welcome hot-as-heck Rafe McBride to A Writer's Mind. You don't want to miss this!

Have a few minutes to spare? Learn more about the cover for Rafe's Redemption HERE.

As promised, quick pick descriptions of Alpha's and Beta's....

The BETA male...

"The beta hero is the best friend and Mr. Nice Guy rolled into one. He doesn’t enjoy confrontation but when the chips are down you can count on him to be there." ~Magna Alexander, Heroes With Hearts   "The kind of men who will change your flat tire, open doors for you, help your kid with his homework, and bring you soup when you are sick." ~All About Romance

The ALPHA male...

“He has to be successful- a man of achievement. Independent. A ruler – a man of power. Strong, handsome, vigorous. A leader. These males are the tough, hard-edged, tormented heroes. Yes an Alpha hero has to be tough, hard-edged and forceful, but underneath it all they have to have a heart of gold and be capable of the deepest all consuming love that their heroines deserve.”    ~We Write Romance



Sky Purington said...

Great to have you over, Maggie! (AKA- Jennifer) Super interview, hun. Have to ask... are you willing to share Rafe? *Wicked grin* He sounds delicious!

Lori rnlmac@msn.com said...

beta hero I guess. but what I would really like is a cross between an alpha and a beta

Sky Purington said...

Lori, no kidding, eh? Have to agree. *Grins* I'm an Alpha girl myself but I have to wonder... would he make me soup when I'm sick? I'd like to hope so! TY for popping in!

ChrisS said...

I really enjoyed your interview. The books title, Rafe's Redemption, drew me in immediately. The description sealed the deal. This sounds like such a great book.
As to whether I prefer an alpha or beta hero, off the top of my head I would say alpha. However, giving it more thought I would have to honesty say a beta hero. There is something endearing about a quiet hero that stays in the background until his personal beliefs/honor/integrity make him step forward for something he believes in.


Jennifer Jakes said...

Hi Sky-
Thanks so much for having me and Maggie here today!
Hi Lori and Chris -
I agree completely about the mix. I just wrote a blog article about just that - The BALPHA Male. haha The perfect man. Ahhhh. Which in way is how I would describe Rafe.
Glad you enjoyed the blurb/excerpt from Rafe. :)
Thanks for stopping by today, ladies, and good luck in the drawing.

AJ Nuest said...

Jennifer I LOVED your interview...oh, I mean Maggie, duh! You sound like a girl after my own heart. Can't wait to meet both you and Rafe between the pages of Rafe's Redemption!

Jennifer Jakes said...

Hi AJ -
Yes, Maggie was a lot of fun to write -- watching her gain her spirit and stand up to Rafe's Alpha personality. He doesn't quite know what to do with her. LOL But of course he can't help but fall in love;)
Thanks for stopping by today.
Good luck in the drawing!

Sarah Grimm said...

I'm for an Alpha hero, all the way! Not that a Beta hero doesn't have his place, but alpha's really get my engine revin' LOL

Jennifer Jakes said...

Hi Sarah -
Gotta admit, I lean toward a hot alpha male myself. But I like him to have some beta qualities. (But only the ones I pick and choose. lol Guess that's why I write what I call the Balpha Male)
No matter what tho' I love the heroes to have that bad-boy look. Too long hair; unshaven. . .Yum.
Thanks for stopping by today!

Patricia K said...

I would a guy that takes the lead
but lets me have some control in a few things


Jennifer Jakes said...

Hi Pat -
Sounds good to me! LOL

Thanks so much for stopping by today. Good luck in the drawing:)

Harlie Williams said...

Great interview. Maggie is quite a woman. I'm not sure I could have lived in Colorado during that time.

I love an Alpha male that has a tender side too. No cavemen, please.


Pommawolf Emeraldwolfeyes said...

I so love this interview. First with Maggie and now with Rafe...wow. He really is yummy..*S*
I love the excerpt too. I have put this book on my gotta have list for when it comes out....*S*
My HEA is a Balpha and I love that he is both.
Thank you for the great contest!


pommawolf @hotmail.com