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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

FREE READ up for grabs!!! You don't want to miss this.

LOVE a good free read? I know I do. Skhye Moncrief's Feral Force is up for grabs! 

From her lips to my blog...

"FERAL FORCE, my free read in my Feral series is available now at New Concepts Publishing. All of my titles are ALSO 25% off this month through April 24th. Readers can buy all 3 of my paranormal/futuristic romantica novels in the FERAL series for 25% off when FERAL FEVER is released on Friday!!!" 

Learn more about this series at Skhye's WebsiteRead 1st chapters & purchase at New Concepts Publishing. 

FERAL FORCE at a glance...

The free-thinking universe's next greatest threat, since the fall of the evil emperor Voldon, has surfaced. A medium from Earth is drawing a dark force to The Order of the Marshals from across the universe. And the only thing capable of protecting the Marshals is a Bondsman, a psychic buffer. She must mate with the extraterrestrial in order to receive his protection. Can a bra-burning gal from the United States stomach her arranged marriage? Or will all sentient life become the conquered broodstock of the FERAL FORCE?

This just in! Skhye Moncrief will be at New Concepts Publishing Chat Loop today giving away a hand-carved bone eagle feather pendant with wolf paw painted on it to a visitor who stops by to chat with her. It's at 8 PM EST or 7PM CST.

Join the hunt at New Concepts Publishing and win a free e-book! Follow the clues below and send us your answer for a chance to win Skhye Moncrief's newest book- Feral Fever!
Somewhere on our page you'll find a moon that very bright does shine. Let not our page give you the blues below you'll find three easy clues. 
1) The easiest way to find the type of story you seek is to look it up by it's _ _ _ _ _.
2) They're sometimes called feral beasts or monsters, but we know better!
3) You're bound to love this cat!
Send your answers to webmaster@newconceptspublishing.com with Contest in the subject line.

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