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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Attention AUTHORS! I've added something. FREE PROMO Opt. Midweek Meet & Greet. Crawl Inside A Writer's MInd. Learn More!

Sunday already! Weekend went by too fast.

While I have your attention I'd like to share. Because of the overwhelming interest in author interviews I've decided to add an extra feature to my new blog criteria starting May 9'th. If you're already booked for various parts of this new blog promotion, please consider adding this to your A Writer's Mind schedule. If not, no worries and certainly not a prerequisite! This is all about authors spreading the word. Here are the details...

Midweek Meet & Greet. Crawl Inside A Writer's Mind.

Tuesday through Thursday

 A uniform author interview will be provided. This is the time to share all. How you became the author you are today. What inspired you to keep on going? This interview will be a new sort of interview. One that will hopefully share with readers something unique about you. Anyone who has been to A Writer’s Mind and read my interviews knows I don’t hold back. Expect the unexpected with my questions. Why not? Your readers will love it!

Authors, be sure to email me at Skypurington@live.com to book now. Click HERE to learn more about this promo feature as well as other advertising options.

ALSO, my Salvator's hanging at Renee Vincent's, Past the Print blog one more day! You still have a chance to win an Amazon or Digi Books Cafe Gift Certificate. Contest closes at 10 PM, EST so get yourself over there and join the fun. 

Be sure to pop in first thing tomorrow morn as I welcome UK author Paula Newcombe. Love her interview. Bet you will too!


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