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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Astronomer's Corner. Aurora Watch. 25% Chance of More Geomagnetic Activity in the Next 24!

Due to a schedule mix up, Writer’s Mind is minus a featured author this weekNo worries! There’s still a lot to chat about. 

As I've a little wiggle room I thought first and foremost to take advantage of one of my favorite topics… Astronomy! For those of you who subscribe to my newsletter you’re familiar with my Astronomer’s Corner. Telescope at the ready, I always enjoy sharing the latest about what’s going on ‘up there.’

Thanks to Spaceweather.com here’s the latest for today!

HORSESHOE ASTEROID DISCOVERED: Astronomers from the Armagh Observatory in Northern Ireland have found that recently-discovered asteroid 2010 SO16 has been following Earth around the Sun for more than 250,000 years. Relative to our planet, the asteroid describes a horseshoe-shaped path in space. Strange, but true! 

AURORA WATCH: As April 12th unfolds, Earth is entering a solar wind stream flowing from a coronal hole on the sun. Evidence of the encounter may be found in the skies over Porjus, a village in northern Sweden:

"I went out with my camera after midnight on the 12th," says photographer Bjarki Mikkelsen. "Bright and clear auroras were filling the sky. The display was multicolored with shades of pink, red, blue and green. Amazing April Northernlights!"

NOAA forecasters estimate a 25% chance of more geomagnetic activity during the next 24 hours as the solar wind continues to blow. High-latitude sky watchers should remain alert for auroras.

Love this stuff. Have a few more topics of interest to share this week. Stay tuned!

Be sure to mark your calendars. I welcome UK author, Paula Newcombe to A Writer's Mind next Monday morn!


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