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Friday, August 27, 2010

Skhye Moncrief goes Erotic with Feral Fascinations. Comment to win!

Well, we’re almost there. TGIF time! How am I getting revved up for this weekend? By sharing a friend with you. We Sky/Skhye's come together again. Yep, you may have heard of her…super talented, Skhye Moncrief has returned to my blog to share her ‘hot off the press’ romantic/erotica release, Feral Fascinations. As it’s the weekend, we’re keeping it casual, kickin’ back with a cup of java (tea in Skhye’s case). Naturally, there’s a lil’ extra fun to be had. Skhye would like to offer a giveaway. SO, one lucky commenter will win an Ecopy of Swordsong. Winner to be announced at this blog first thing Monday morning. All right, here we go. Sit back and enjoy! I’ve scattered a few of her book covers throughout for your viewing pleasure.

Feral Fascinations

Beyond rebels and rogues, the ultimate insurgents, psychic mercenaries, fight for your freedom of thought and hunt earth mates for one purpose--to defeat the universe's psychic emperor wanting to control all sentient beings through mind control. And you have no idea this war rages beyond the planet... Failure is not an option for the free-thinking universe.

The free thinking's universe's prized psychic mercenary, Red Trekaar, seduces an ex-mercenary from earth, a Violet Child of heightened psychic ability, who she feels can hold his own as a were-assassin, i.e. her psychic soul mate. But she's running out of time. A legend claims she will give birth to a child that will end the war. But gaining her mate's respect just might prove her greatest challenge of all.

A sexy Goth babe crosses Jake Straightarrow's path, and he wakes up in an alien-abduction nightmare with a chronic hard-on, powerless, labeled a blood fucker. She shanghaied him using some force's magnetic attraction. But a guy has self-respect. She should have earned his trust, then spread her legs. Especially after he learns sacred soul mates shape shift into uncontrollable werewolves trapped in a frenzied blood lust for their mate's blood. Self-control is what kept him alive so long. Now, the unshakable countdown to the moment he will shape shift ticks inside his head. His gut shouts escape stud service. Yet, humanity needs a hero. Colliding in a world of mind-reading games where one's best friend is the equivalent to one's worst enemy, each knows trusting the other is as dangerous as buying into their FERAL FASCINATIONS.

SKY: Welcome back! Thanks so much for joining me this weekend.

SKHYE: No problem. You know you’re one of my favorite author friends.

SKY: Ditto, lady. Wow! Must say, Feral Fascinations sounds like one fascinating story. *smiles* What sparked the idea for this tale?

SKHYE: A guy talking about balls of steel. Yep. That has nothing to do with what it turned into! LOL The opening was the extraterrestrial as it is now. But the hero evolved from detective hero to ex-mercenary in about ten seconds.

SKY: Love it! If Feral Fascinations’ heroine, Red Trekaar were sitting in on this interview, how would she describe herself?

SKHYE: She wouldn't even bother to answer. She’s trying to save the freaking universe!

SKY: Ah well, can’t really blame her, can I? I’d love to dive deeper into Red’s character. Mind sharing an excerpt from her point of view?

SKHYE: [Okay, first of all, these extraterrestrials are telepaths. So, they have to speak to lesser-evolved psychic earthlings the way we speak with each other…]

Kindrist stood inside the spaceship’s sliding silver door, above Jake’s head where he couldn’t detect her presence. Would he forgive her? Or hate her? He was the kind of man The Cause couldn’t rely on. A hothead. A loner abandoned by society because he didn’t fit in. Alas, Violet Children rarely fit in with their evolved psychic abilities. But she had witnessed the good in his thoughts through all those self-less actions. And now they were bound to each other beyond the restrictions of standard mental telepathy—that being he was lesser-evolved and higher-evolved psychics couldn’t mindspeak with him. He had to be convinced to help them defeat Voldon. Or all peoples would be enslaved, including Jake’s own.

“Is someone here?” Jake snarled.

The anger in his voice reflected his imprisonment. But releasing him before his debriefing would certainly result in a battle. This was not the time to fight or lie. Better to stand here and answer. “I am. Welcome aboard The Seeker.”

Jake’s chin snapped upward, and he shot a defiant stare at the shadows in her direction.

He couldn’t see her if his vision were anything lesser-evolved. But he knew she was there by the glare in his eyes.

The tranquilizer was wearing off. Time for a little persuasion. “My name is Red Kindrist Lotyl Trekaar. I will release you when you prove to me you can behave civilly.”

His eyes narrowed to slits. “Me? I’m the one shackled to a table. You need some etiquette lessons.”

“You feel like a caged animal. As anyone would. But I must know you can behave before I can release you.”

“If you want me to believe you, step on into to the light.”

A man who wanted to assess his captor. Typical mercenary reaction. Bending to his needs might gain her some power over him. Some control. Yet, no mercenary could refuse such a request from her mate.

His chest was incredible. He lay relaxed without a hint of duress. Oddly enough. One would expect him to fight for freedom.

The bulging muscles in his limbs called to her fingers. And his apparent interest in her beyond talking, an interest apparent in the bulge in his blanket, was a promise to force him to keep.

To release his bindings.… To unite again. Only a fool would let him off the table. She stepped into his view.

“You! What am I doing here?” He sneered.

So he remembered their encounter. At least, he had that to connect with before the sedative stole his memories.

“What do you want with me?”

At least, he seemed to control himself. “I’m free to tell you everything. But I want your promise that you will remain calm and listen.”

Her husband lay quietly.

Or the animal inside all beings took over.

What would he say?

“All right.” He jerked one of his arms against its restraint.

Then it begins. Sexual union or not. It was time to show this man she could be trusted. A soul mate had to be trusted. The Cause believed in him. He had to realize this singular point. She reached for the buttons on the bed’s small control panel and pushed the coded sequence.

His restraints popped open and dangled in the air.

He rose, grabbing his wrists, rubbing them.

Not all his body waited relaxed. His was willing for more unification.

Yet, he just stared at her with patience every father begged a child show.


Heat of desire ebbed through her core.

To have another round of mating….

Her mouth watered.

For sweet salty blood to melt across her tongue. To shove him against the examination table and take more of him. To weave their essences into one basic seed. The seed to grow into the promise of legend—a child who will bring free thinking to the universe.

Such strange raw need.


Animalistic lust.

A sensation beyond description.

Genetic mating proved stronger than she expected.

He stood there like he’d pounce any moment.


Why wouldn’t he just come to her? Set her inner beast free? She wanted to jump on him. Throw her legs across his iron body. Extinguish the indescribable craving buried deep inside her core.

If only she could read his lesser-evolved earthling thoughts.

To know he craved her.

To hear what he wanted to do to her.

How bizarre this detachment was. But that’s what the binding was for—to prevent any psychic being from detecting his presence during an attack. His lesser-evolved brain was the key to covert operations.

For the love of Devros, what brilliance in the act of marriage to these psychic earthlings.

Jake lunged across the room and grabbed her, shoving her into the shadows beyond the examination light’s illumination, against the spaceship’s cold hard metal wall.

The wall bit into her shoulder blades.

What was he doing?

His hot breath turned to a faint steam in the chilly corners of the shadowy sick bay.

Breathing seemed impossible with his twisted mask in her face.

“Who are you?” he growled.

Was that the sound of hunger or anger? Dare she admit everything now? If he wouldn’t accept his destiny, if he wouldn’t take her blood, she would turn into a raving beast after forty-eight hours and rampage through the ship on a blood hunt. Seducing him had been stupid. Only honesty would set things right between them. “I am your mate.”

He snarled. “Not the answer I wanted.” He stared at her lips.

Mesmerized. He could rip them off and chew them and the universe would continue expanding. “Take them. They are yours. Curtail this madness between us so we may speak civilly again.”

He yanked her elbow, whirled her one-hundred-and-eighty degrees, and shoved her backward.

The examination table caught her in the kidneys.

Pain shafted through her lower back.

Sweet merciful sensation. Now, she could think clearly again.

“Tell me who you are,” he demanded.

No wasting time with this earthling. Did he withhold his sexual need for self-preservation or more for pride? “I am mercenary Red Kindrist, the pawn in an endless battle between good and evil. And I have just recruited you.”

His angry mask transmuted into shock. “What? Nobody inducts me,” he roared.

He stood nude in all his human glory, muscles flinching as his situation was revealed.

Still desirous of her.

And there, in his body’s reaction to the news, he fought the yearning to unite with his mate. How could he refuse the instinctual command of genetic passion? Rather obsession, given her experience. She felt empty, needy, uncomfortable in her pants. Oh to shove them down. To sit on his discomfort and ride it into exhaustion.

His gaze scanned the room.

What did he search for?

He jumped toward the door.

The door whisked open.

“Wait.” How foolish of her to release him from his restraints. He’d run through the ship and possibly injure a crew member. What would they call her volatile earthling then? He was a threat enough already. She rammed feet into the metal floor beneath her.

The clack of her leather boots heralded her bursting into the brightly-lit corridor in pursuit of his contrary muscular backside that he paraded through the ship by running the opposite direction.

His long hair hid none of the finely-chiseled butt and legs she’d bound herself to. That probably wasn’t the reason the other three white-cloaked operatives in the long hall pressed their bodies against the ship’s silver walls. Jake had to be terrifying, an angered recruit on the loose. Rumored to be unpredictable. Dangerous. Deadly. She forced her legs to move faster.

Not difficult when you’re inhuman by earth’s definition and reared off-world where gravity was more forgiving. Humanoid, yes. But faster than the lithe perfect specimen of a Violet Child attempting escape. “Stop,” she shouted. “You endanger yourself in this futile attempt to flee.”

Why bother speaking in such an archaic form of communication?

Air molecules kissed her skin.

Have I taken to the air? Am I flying? Swooping down upon my prey? Oh for sweet salty blood. And to satiate the emptiness deep within through ingesting the tasty earthling’s blood after getting him tucked safely within their personal quarters. For that precious moment....

Gods, would her thoughts steal away her dignity? Soul-mate attraction was stronger than anyone could imagine. Especially for Jake who knew nothing of the madness. He needed help. Her respect. Or he would never find a place among free-thinkers. And she, the last of the Nulvitians, would never mother the child of legend. She reached for his swinging elbow.

The iron skin slid beneath her fingertips.

Fool. Could he not see there was nowhere to run in the winding sterile corridor? She leapt at his back and snaked her arms around his heaving chest’s warm pliable tissue.

Electricity tingled from her core to her toes.

Oh, what torture the universe played on those dabbling with genetic mysteries defying all scientific study.

Jake’s legs suddenly slithered between her boots. He fell, taking her along.

The solid floor jolted them into halting.

He rolled, knocking her against a wall, and tried to shake her off.

Not today. She held onto him like a Nulvitian lohl’s seven tentacles encircled his upper body.

“Enough,” Goro’s monotone voice commanded.

Surprisingly. The commander never spoke with his mouth. She craned her head to peer back up the corridor at Goro’s black leather pants and boots.

Jake had the sense to be still where his solid mass laid against the cold hard floor. But his lurching erection didn’t understand the commander’s language where it attempted to wrestle her thigh.

“This nonsense is beneath you both,” Goro said. “Come with me.” He spun on his heels and stepped down the hall.

Beneath her? Was that not the truth of things? She’d taken a soul mate and now struggled to contend with her future. Goro’s profound statements never failed to catch her off guard.

“Who is he?” Jake muttered.

She stared into her soul-mate’s dark unforgiving eyes. “Our commander. Please, Jake. I know how hard it is to remain calm. But he will answer your questions. I’m releasing you now.” She slid her arms from where they grappled his chest and got her boots beneath her.

Jake unfolded overhead.

The indomitable assassin. His movement was more like a blink than a man moving. Strange. Deadly. Bless the stars for Destiny’s forethought. She waved a palm toward the receding Goro’s flapping ankle-length black coat. “This way.”

Jake sized her up with a lengthy gaze raking up and down her leather mercenary’s outfit. His gaze paused at her heaving breasts.

Nice gesture. Every girl needs some reassurance. He’d be a bundle of sexual frustration until he burned it off every forty-eight hours though.

He looked both ways down the hall.

As if he still fancied escape possible. “Nulvitian mercenaries can outrun any earthling in seconds. You’re better off hearing what our commander has to say.” Would he listen?

He shot her a standard earthling go-to-Hell stare.

SKY: *low whistle* What an excerpt! Hero time. Jake Straightarrow sounds intriguing. If he were part of this interview, how would he describe himself?

SKHYE: He’d be wondering what you got for asking. *snort* And he’d run through a quick psychoanalysis of whatever you presented to him. Then he might come up with something clever to say about himself based on what he thinks you need to hear to shut you up.

SKY: Not gonna lie. Enjoy an assertive man. Bring in on, Jake! Okay, back to business, let’s do the same thing with Jake. How about an excerpt from his point of view?

SKHYE: [Okay, some of you may not like his choice of words.]

Jake could have pissed a trail before the window in his quarters where he paced, trying to work out a plan. His bladder was screaming. But caged dogs wouldn’t defile their quarters by pissing anywhere. Unfortunately, his bladder was on the verge of mutiny.
Where was his warden?

The damned door wouldn’t open.

His happy-place private room had turned into a cell when Red Kindrist disappeared all of twelve hours ago. Right after taking her sex stud out for a run around the corral.

How could any captive sleep? The ship seemed to be moving. Or points of light in space moved. Like he knew what was going on. The last frigging time he even thought about astronomy was when he was a kid. Talk about being in deep crap. Especially since his ramrod-straight cock he’d jammed inside his pants hadn’t given up the ghost.

And now he needed to piss.

Where’s the fricking john? Some draft into the ultimate foreign legion. So what was up with the female warden? She dragged him aboard this ship. For what? Sex and blood? A part of him was willing. With or without consent. But why give her what she wanted? Why succumb to the level of a blood fucker and lose all one had of his dignity? Just what is in this for me?

His gut snarled.

Food. These people obviously starved their prisoners into cooperation.

Just get out. Get home. He turned to the cold glass portal.

Nothing but black space and points of light out there. Home was gone.

Talk about screwed. Literally and physically. How could a man who knew nothing about flying anything more than a kite find his way back to earth now? Insane Darla might possibly pull off levitating an aircraft. She’d certainly want to leave. Well, if that freak could escape, she would have by now. Not an option. He sank his butt onto the hard bench.

His muscles twitched.

Sitting still was becoming impossible. He rose to his feet and continued pacing.

Would he be weak for complying with their demands? And just what did those demands entail? He needed a weapon. A tool. A pencil. Nothing but air rested on the tabletop and benches. One blanket and a small pillow rested atop the bed.

The door whisked open.

Red sauntered into the room with jet-black hair.

Good to see some folks on this cruise ship to the war zone were having a great day.

She glanced his direction and walked to the bed.

Pictures of her with her legs spread flashed in his mind. The memory of her wet heat....

His body ached to mount her.

And to take those muscled legs and wrap them around his waist. God, to end the madness of his screaming body.

She stretched out on her side upon his bed with her shoulder and the swell of her hip thrust toward the barren ceiling.

Taking a rest? Was she just going to lie there? Present herself to him? No. She wasn’t asking. And Jake Straightarrow was no rapist. Even if he couldn’t control himself these days.

“Sleep while you can, Straightarrow. The ship will reach the wormhole relay in four earth days. We can’t afford to lose any sleep.”

Orders? Like a new recruit would follow after being drafted. Was she asking him to crawl into bed with her? He turned to the window and watched the stars scroll by.

So they headed somewhere. “Where are we going?”

“We’ll talk in the morning.”

Not after he waited forever to speak to someone. He pivoted and faced her tight leather-cloaked shoulders. “No. Tell me now.”

Pain knifed his bladder.

He shifted his footing, hoping the change of position would ease up on his latest problem.

She sighed, shoving off the bed, swinging one boot to the floor, and met his gaze with a look of disappointment. “We’re heading to Gameddaron. We’ve got to take out Voldon’s neural network. I can’t do it. They can detect me. That’s why we recruited you. You can fly in under their radar.”

She seemed tired, drained. Maybe she just said anything to get some sleep. “How do I know you’re telling the truth?” And did truth really matter now?

She rubbed her shoulder and wagged her head. “You’re the intuitive one. I assumed you’d feel it.” She twisted back into her sleeping position. “Get some sleep, Straightarrow.”

How could anyone sleep with a boner? Was there a shower in this cell? Not to mention a guy could piss in the shower.

His gut snarled again.

How about bread and water? “I’m hungry.”

She didn’t move. “It’s on the way.”

Well good to see she decided to take care of her sex slave. “Where’s the latrine in this joint?”

She shoved up, almost dejected in her apparent exhaustion, and climbed from the bed. “Forgive me, Straightarrow. It’s been an accursed day.” She walked to a point near the entrance, pushed what had to be a button, and a door opened across the room.

Better take a whiz before she closed the door. He strode to the entrance to find a small metallic sink protruding from a wall inside the tiniest closet.

Forget dreams of a cold shower. “Where’s the toilet?”

The round of her breast brushed against his arm.

Damn, these pants were growing tighter every second. Cold water would fix the problem. “Does this prisoner get to shower?”

She reached for a button he could actually see. “You’re not a prisoner, Straightarrow. You’re one of the most honored members of this crew now.” She rolled her gaze to his where her eyes were inches from his chin. “Earthlings have more status than the average mercenary.”

Really? “Then, I’d like this ship to return me to earth.”

She pointed toward another basin anchored to the wall. “There’s the toilet. Press the button to eject whatever you void.” She pointed at another button. “Here’s your shower.”

“Nice game. Just screw me, tell me I’m God, and ignore me.”

She raked her long fingers through her thick hair. “I realize my needs aren’t as demanding as yours right now. But I’m really tired.” The heat of her body pulled away.

With one step, she disappeared back into the room.

Talk about the runaround. He relieved his bladder of which did nothing for his current involuntarily invigorated state, crammed his hard-on back inside his pants, and found a cart at the chamber’s open door.

Red Kindrist took the handle from a white-robed blond male and rolled the squeaking wheels toward the table.

“Please sit, Straightarrow.”

How courteous. Sitting was rough, but he descended.

His wicked pants twisted his sensitive peon.

Talk about the perfect setup for her. She fucks the man of her choice, tucks him into an inescapable spaceship, and gets a permanent over-sexed consort for her roommate. Why do I suddenly want to be the girl? Oh, that’s right. She’s in charge.

SKY: That was one heck of an excerpt! It was great having you here, Skhye. Total blast. Thanks again for visiting!

SKHYE: You’re very welcome. Thanks for having me over!

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Beverly said...

Wow - sounds great - I am on my way to amazon now - please enter me for the ecopy - I am a follower -

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THANKS AGAIN for having me over. I LOVE your coming soon cover. Why haven't I seen that one yet? ~Skhye

Beth Caudill said...

Hey Skhye

Can't wait to read this one. I love outer space. :)

No need to enter me in the contest. I have a paper copy of Swordsong already. Hope you are feeling better.

Carol L. said...

Hi Sky and Skhye,
An excellent and very interesting excerpt. Different for me and very interesting. I'd love to see how it plays out. I also love your covers.
Carol L.

Sky Purington said...

You're entered, Beverly. Thanks for stopping by!

Sky Purington said...

You're very welcome, Skhye, always a pleasure! TY for the cover compliment. Got it last week-small format. Larger pics came in a few days ago. Didn't Tamra do a great job??? Totally thrilled.

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Sky Purington said...

Hi Carol! I know, aren't the excerpts great? Looking forward to reading this one. :)

Skhye said...

Sky, yes Tamara did!!! Lucky you. It's got all my colors!!! :)

Thanks, Beverly. I haven't seen it up at Amazon yet. But, I hear they have quite a list of e-books to add each day... So, I'm watching!

Thanks, Beth. I hope you can tell me it works for your aerospace-engineering background! :) You'll especially like the pod fighters. ;)

Thanks, Carol!N~Skhye

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That was a great excerpt. Sounds interesting and I have not read a book like that yet.
Sue B

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Great excerpt, I can't wait to read this one.

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Great to see Skhye again! Skhye, I'm sorry you've had such a difficult summer. I'd love to win your e-book!

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Hi. I am following you and I love this site. Your book covers awesome and the books sound sooo good.


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Thrilled to see so many of you blogging this weekend!


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Wow, this sounds like a GREAT read!! Loved the excerpt and the interview ladies!!!

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