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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What Makes People CLICK on a Blog Title. Jesus or the Devil?

Welcome! If this is your first time here lose the frown face. I’m not evil. Nope. I’m just a writer fascinated by what people on the internet are interested in, especially when it comes to my blog.

I wasn’t fibbing in the title when I implied that A Writer's Mind's main click through internet audience for the last six months in 2012 was primarily focused on Jesus or the devil.

Interesting two words to see in your top blog stats, aye?

Yes, I’m human and immediately texted and talked to my closest friends about this. Do you blame me? They were all pretty slack-jawed. I got a general sense of first a good ol' boy slap on the shoulder then a definite, “No worries. I love you!”

I know great people.


Here’s the thing. It’s not all that bad. At least in my world.

Instead of the whole Jesus, devil thing I chose to focus on blog titles in general. Guess what? They have a 'click-thru’ value. 

What do I mean?

Well, there's a face value behind a title. People search the net for a topic and a link appears on their search engine. Want to know the TOP TWO TITLES beyond devil that have enjoyed over 6 K hits?

Here we go…

I’m so incredibly proud to post these again. Please pay attention to the titles….not only are they worth zillions of clicks but darn are they great posts! To my mind, they are relatable, likable articles that people WANT to CLICK on. For me, I felt I spread the word. Not about other books but about the human spirit and how we have the ability to never give up. Yep, I can get sappy.

The blog post titles that have received the MOST views at A Writer's Mind go out to…

Sky's SHOUT OUT. Heaven is for Real! Is This Jesus?


Stephanie Nielson. Plane crash victim. A story of survival. If we could all be like her.

What titles got over 4 k hits?

I’m in Heat. Are You Really Surprised?

The X-files. Do You Really Want to Know?

My Victorian. My True Ghost Stories. Segment #1.

What titles got over 3 K hits?

Christmas With A Pirate! Hellen Hollick. Blog Event.

A Family Christmas Done Right. Beth Caudill. Blog Event.

I’ve had so many amazing authors visit my blog over the years. What made these topics so ‘clickable?’ Hard to say. I’ve noticed that titles with less words and more punch seem to do the trick. Or could it be something else altogether? The authors posted here are pretty popular. I've read a few of their stories and can see why.

Are you a blogger? Feel free to share some of your 'hit blog titles' in a comment. Be sure to leave your blog URL so readers can check them out.  



Caroline Clemmons said...

Sky, what a great post. I am so impressed at the number of hits your blog receives and will try to improve my own blog titles and posts--modeled after yours. Of course, your blog site is one of the most attractive around cyberspace, and that couldn't hurt. But you deserve credit for being innovative with blog tours, guests, etc. Thanks!

Grace Elliot said...

I recently reviewed which were my most viewed blog posts and was stunned by the findings.
The most popular post of all time with over 32,000 hits was a post called: "Cats Eyes - Seeing Believing" - about Cats eyes (the reflective sort in the road).
Can you credit it?
I have no idea why this post attracted so much attention.
Grace x

Beth Caudill said...

Oh, people like me. Or maybe hate me. ;)

All I can say is that people find the weirdest things interesting. But titles for blogs are almost as hard for me to be 'funny' with as book titles.

I was not meant to write headlines. I think it's an artform I'm terrible at. Like drawing. Ugg.

Great post Sky.

Sky Purington said...

Thanks so much, Caroline! You're so sweet. Your blog is lovely as well! (((hugs)))

Sky Purington said...

Oh wow, Grace! 32,000 hits on one post! Love it. And isn't that title interesting. Catchy! It certainly does make you wonder what people were looking for online. Was a specific time of year more popular for hits on that title? Either way, my guess is the content must be very well-written and engaging. Keep on bloggin'! :-)

Sky Purington said...

*Grins* Beth, people LOVE you, hence all the post hits! I hear ya about blog titles being tricky. I've recently started doing something for author posts that seems to get a little more attention. I grab two or three words from their blurb, ones that I feel really pack a punch, then lead out their post title with them. :-)