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Sunday, January 13, 2013

From Small Things Come Big Things. The Wooden Nickle by Alisha Paige.

Happy Saturday! Thanks for popping in to spend a little time with me over the weekend.

This post is solely dedicated to a book I love and an author I’ve come to adore. When I first read, The Wooden Nickle, I didn’t know Alisha Paige. We were simply published through the same publisher. I remember thinking, “This book is amazing! I hope I write like this someday.”
Soon after, Alisha and I became co-authors in the Song of the Muses series alongside seven other very talented authors. Even then we didn’t connect. Life was just too busy.
Several years later, however, we did connect. Wow, was I thrilled! Alisha proved to be warm, friendly and inviting... a true friend.
When she released her latest cover, I was humbled and amazed. 

How incredibly gorgeous is this cover!

About the Story

When Louise steps into a bread line in the middle of a dusty Texas town, the last thing she expects to find is a filthy hobo-boy taking pity on her. But when Cliff offers her his last piece of change, a worthless wooden nickel, her life changes forever. The Depression era coin proves to be worth far more than the five cents etched beside the wooden buffalo as it becomes a symbol of faith, hope and love, weaving in and out of their lives time and time again.

The Wooden Nickel is an emotional gripping tale about a bond between two young lovers trying to find their way in the world. An intense drama, unfolding amid the backdrop of war torn Europe and a naive America, desperately in need of new hope, The Wooden Nickel is an unforgettable romance full of mesmerizing characters, deep longing and eternal hope.
Pick up your .99 CENT COPY for a LIMINTED TIME at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.
Have a super weekend!


Alisha said...

Thanks so much, sweetie! I'm so glad we finally connected! I love your books and love you! I'm so blessed you came into my life. This book is very special to me and the cover is made more special because one of my very favorite people reviewed it. What's so amazing is that my cover artist found the quote herself when she was reading reviews on Amazon. She included it without knowing who you were. When I received the cover I was not only thrilled with the beautiful design but it was like a little angel left a sweet note on there too. I told my cover artist that I know you and gave her your author name. She thought it was the perfect quote and I have to agree. I had to smile. It truly warmed my heart. Another reminder of how very special our friendship is and will always be. Love you, Sky! Big hugs!

Cathy McElhaney said...

I loved this book, too! The new cover is awesome! Thank you, Sky for featuring one of my favorite books by one of my favorite authors!


Anonymous said...

I've just picked up a copy. www.emandyves.com

Alisha said...

Thanks for stopping by, Cathy! I'm in love with the new cover. Added bonus that Sky's quote is on there. Hugs!

Alisha said...

Emandyves, thanks so much for picking up a copy. I hope you enjoy it. :)