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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas with Cover Model, Jimmy Thomas. What You Never Knew about this Amazing Man!

Merry Christmas!!! Welcome to the final day of A Writer’s Mind’s, WHAT EVERY WOMAN WANTS BENEATH HER CHRISTMAS TREE EVENT. It’s been a wonderful event this year and I’m so thankful to all the authors and editor that joined me this holiday season. Looking for something new to read? I encourage you to browse through previous posts to discover some amazing talent.

This year I thought the event deserved to go out with a bang. What better way to do that than offer women not something BUT someone they’d probably love to get under their Christmas tree this year. *winks*

Please make welcome cover model, Jimmy Thomas! Now these aren’t your average interview questions. Who wants that on Christmas? No, these are fun, spiritual, sensual, one-of-a-kind questions. So what do you say? Ready to relax with your favorite cuppa and read what Jimmy has to say?

SKY:   Holiday time. Throw some rum in my drink. Yes or no?

JIMMY:    Yes, in my egg nog :-)

SKY:   A woman’s toenails and fingernails. Painted or not? 

JIMMY:   Not. I prefer natural nails or French manicure, but not Jersey-long ;)

SKY:   You could choose one color to decorate your house at Christmas. What would it be?

JIMMY:   Gold.

SKY:   Everyone should stay healthy and work-out. Why? 

JIMMY:   To have more energy, more self-esteem, release stress, and live longer.

SKY:   Are you passive or aggressive?

JIMMY:    Passive personally, aggressive business-wise ;)

SKY:   You have one big regret, what is it? 

JIMMY:   I don’t regret anything and never will. Everything happens for a “GOOD” reason, not just “a” reason. We learn and grow from every life experience. It’s how you handle and respond to the experiences that keep you happy or miserable ;)

SKY:   What is your favorite holiday scent?

JIMMY:   Pumpkin.

SKY:   You’ve lived, loved, then some. Advice? 

JIMMY:   Trust that everything happens for a GOOD reason; nothing is bad, even if it may seem bad. You have to open your mind and allow yourself to see why that seemingly bad thing happened, as it always has a good reason whether you end up seeing it or not. Back in 2004 I ascended and left my body. I didn’t try to, it just happened while I was lying down. I went to where we all are; the universe, the bright light. When I returned shortly after I was speechless for many minutes, I couldn’t even get one word out as I was so glorified by where I just was; a place for which words literally can’t even come close to describe. However, to enlighten everyone else as I was, we are all that bright light; energy. Our energy never dies, only our vessels (bodies) do as they are not perfect. I love using analogies for people to relate and understand things better. The best analogy I can give to you for having my ascending experience confirm my thoughts I’ve had my whole life, is comparing the universe and our human form to a power plant and appliances in our homes. When appliances break, the energy doesn’t die, it is still there, waiting for another appliance to be plugged in, to then enter that appliance and power it until it fails, and so on. The difference is that the universe uses our human form to learn and improve ourselves, so it is always wanting the best for us, as the universe is us, always causing things to happen in our lives (tests) to see how we react to them, much like how we do our own self-research with ‘cause and effect’ tests to see how we respond to stressful or physical situations. So those signs you get to stop doing something, to do something, a bad feeling you get (intuition), is the universe (us) sending you a very subtle, slight nudge to lead you to the correct path (you overhear your significant other speaking overly-nice, almost flirtatious, on the phone with someone of the opposite sex). If you don’t follow that nudge, the universe sends you a bit bigger nudge, (a week later you smell perfume/cologne on your significant other’s clothes after coming home later than usual). If you still don’t follow that nudge, it sends you a larger nudge (weeks later you find very flirtatious emails/texts from your significant other to someone). If you still don’t follow that nudge, the universe throws it in your face (weeks later you catch your significant other cheating on you). This seemingly bad thing happened because this person was not right for you, you could’ve married him/her, had children and then they cheated on you, making the situation FAR worse to end. The universe saw this early-on when you just met this person. Once the universe started to see you grow more found of him/her you were very slightly nudged to try to get you to see it for yourself (thinking to yourself “I don’t really care for that about him/her, but maybe they will change, or I can change them”). Our decision making control and recognition of ill things are always being tested to work on improving ourselves and our thought processing.

SKY:   You’re an old man looking back on your life. Did you do the right thing at the right time? Share. 

JIMMY:   Yes. In all my life’s situations, I was in my level of self-learning each time, and reacted as I thought I should while learning from each one.

SKY:   Deep down inside your love life is ultimately a sweet tale or an erotica? *grins* 

JIMMY:   Both, depending on the moment ;)

SKY:   Time to hit the grocery store; need to grab a few essentials. You’re alone. What are you wearing?

JIMMY:  Jeans and a t-shirt.

SKY:   Time to pose for the cameras (book cover time), what outfit were you most uncomfortable in? 

JIMMY:   Just underwear ;)

SKY:   You’re trapped on a desert island. Do you want a beautiful woman by your side or an old man who knows how to fish? 

JIMMY:   Um, I already know how to fish, and even if I didn’t, I’d figure it out. So what do you think? ;)

SKY:   One Christmas song truly means the holidays have arrived. What is it? 

JIMMY:   Elvis Presley’s “Blue Christmas” Click HERE to listen.

SKY:   The bloody faucet’s broken again. Are you the guy who crawls under to fix it or calls the plumber? 

JIMMY:   I’ve designed and built houses from the ground up and I love fixing things or problems, so it’s all me ;)

SKY:   You need to reach someone right away. Email, text, call or social network? 

JIMMY:   Text! Some don’t check their email that often, a call always leads to “So what’s new Jimmy?” or “So last week I…” and leads to an hour long conversation when I only needed to say or ask something real quick ;)

SKY:   Time for bed. What are you wearing? *winks*

JIMMY:   Underwear or nothing.

SKY:   Boots on. Are you mountain climbing or trudging through snow?

JIMMY:    Either, I love them both.

SKY:   You just played the lottery. Won 4.3 million. Then it was all taken away. How would you handle that? 

JIMMY:   Why would it be all taken away? Lol. I would first be upset, but then realize it was taken away for a good reason, like because I have the means, the know-how and the ambition to earn that kind of money.

SKY:  Great interview. I’m sure some of your answers had the ladies blushing. Thanks for joining me this holiday, Jimmy! Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas.

Learn more about Jimmy Thomas at his Website.

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Mary Preston said...

You've got to love a guy who's comfortable in his underwear!!

Loved the interview thank you.

Cathy McElhaney said...

Whoa, Jimmy, great interview! I had a similar experience of what you called ascending. I was meditating at the time and I was enveloped (for want of a better word) by 2 forms of energy. It was an indescribable experience, which left me feeling depressed for days afterward. The unconditional love that flowed from these beings was incredible! Thank you for sharing your experience!


Jimmy Thomas said...

Ha! See, when Mary read that question she thought it said "comfortable" as well. I guess the word "comfortable" is wanted to be read by our subconscious more than the word "uncomfortable" ;)

Jimmy Thomas - RNC

Jimmy Thomas said...

Thanks Cathy :) Got to LOVE those experiences! Thanks for sharing yours as well!

Jimmy Thomas - RNC

Unknown said...

Great interview. Loved the answers Jimmy. Thanks for sharing your experience. I think I would have walked around in a daze for few days. Wisdom comes from enlightenment.


Gretchen said...

It's always interesting to read your interviews Jimmy. This one was surprising in many ways. Have to chat with you sometime on your 'ascension' as I died as a teenager following a horrific car accident. My husband also like to sleep in next to nothing ...Boy Scout training he claims. You are an interesting man. Nothing surprises me about you anymore. You've done some incredible things and still have a long way to go and many things to accomplish.

Anonymous said...

I love that Jimmy is willing to share in a more personal way. It tells me he is someone who is comfortable in his own skin, with choices he has made and with his life in general. That is sexy.

Author Roast and Toast said...
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Hywela Lyn said...

Hello Sky - I hope you had a lovely Christmas! I apologise for not stopping by here to comment as much a I'd intended. It's been a bit hectic here, and my internet connection has been a bit eratic.

I should have stopped by here on Christmas Day though. What a wonderful post with my favourite cover model I don't have the priviledge of having him on one of my covers yet - but I'm working on it!

Happy New Year to you and yours, Sky and to Jimmy too!

Alisha said...

Sigh..not only is Jimmy super freaking hot, he is so spiritual and smart and can fix things! What more could you want in a man? That's why he's featured on our covers too. What an amazing person and fantastic businessman. This interview was highly entertaining. And highly sexy! I'm so glad he doesn't want to fish with the old man. I'd love to fish with Jimmy! Hey, Jimmy, would you bait my hook?