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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

How YOU can HELP this Holiday Season.

It’s hard to believe that another year’s gone by and Thanksgiving is nearly upon us. In my world that means cleaning the house for company, grocery shopping, then spending Thanksgiving day cooking and visiting with family.

But is it that way for everyone?
Definitely not.

I recently shared an experience about losing reviews and how it took what felt like such a depressing situation to make me realize that things could be far worse. I should be grateful for the things I have. After all, so many people in the world are in need.
As promised, I’ve compiled a list of groups and charity’s that could use a little extra help this holiday season, whether by donation or volunteering.
The first thing that came to mind above all the rest were those who suffered as a result of Hurricane Sandy. Here in New Hampshire we were spared the brunt of the storm but in states such as New York and New Jersey, the storm ripped a path of devastation. Many are STILL without power and many lost everything they had.
So how can you help? Consider donating! I’m providing two sources that I trust.
Who else could you help this holiday season? Soldiers currently in active duty overseas and of course, our veterans!  Here are some great sites I found.

Soldiers Angels’ (May no soldier go unloved)
Military.com (This site provides many more helpful links)
Team Rubicon. I heard about these guys on the news. Amazing!
While I’m unable to provide you all the links to your most favored causes I can gently remind you that this is the time of year when we most celebrate ‘giving.’ Please, if you have even an hour or two of spare time; consider volunteering at your local soup kitchen or charity of choice. So MANY people are in need.  
I’m not sure if you have any Burlington Coat Factory’s in your area but they host a fantastic Coat Drive. ‘Give a Coat. Share the Warmth’ is their motto. To learn more click HERE.
Help the poor worldwide. Check out Food for the Poor HERE.
Money tight? I understand. Consider donating blood! Imagine how many lives you could save this holiday alone. Does the idea make you a little nervous? You're not alone. That's why I would recommend those in the USA go to the FDA Food and Drug Administration where they not only provide a detailed summary of everything you can expect when donating blood but provide information on how you can actually donate. Another trusted Worldwide source would be Red Cross- Give Blood.

There's also ONE more way you can donate this holiday season and it's as simple as saying, "Thank you!" That's right. They're just two little words but wow can they make a difference in someone's day. It could be somebody at work, a family member, anyone. Taking the time to thank them for how they touched your life is well worth a few moments of your time.

Me? I'm taking the time to say 'Thank You' to some of the services that I use on the internet for FREE. So yes, the founders of Rafflecopter just heard from me. Next on the list? Facebook, Triberr, Twitter and Author's Den.
If you’d like to share some more reputable donation sites in a comment, please do so. If you'd like to share who you'd like to thank and why, share that as well! Sometimes, when we communicate, it sparks ideas in others.
Wishing everyone a wonderful and giving holiday season.
God Bless,

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