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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My Victorian. My True Ghost Stories. Segment #6.

I’m so glad you decided to pop in. Why? Because today I’ll be sharing the rest of my results when investigating the paranormal in my very own haunted Victorian.

Keep scrolling after this post to read the first part, My Victorian. My True Ghost Stories, SEGMENTS four and five. To read segments one through three click HERE.
To catch you up a little, allow me to share some about the house in which I live. Built in 1901 by my husband’s great-grandfather, this Victorian has seen many residents over the years and has many tales to tell.
Ready to hear the rest of my experience investigating this house?
Brief Recap: Before I continue allow me to share with you what equipment I used when I made contact. My weapon of choice was an EMF detector. This device is commonly used by electricians but has also become a very popular tool for paranormal investigations. Why? Because most in the field believe that spirits not only have a magnetic field but can use it to communicate with the living. My particular device reads on a scale of 0-10 Milligauss at 50/60 Hz. The way in which paranormal investigators use this device is by first establishing the magnetic field readings of the location. Once the magnetic fluctuations of a particular building are mapped out, the investigator can then narrow down the best areas to investigate. In point, those free of pre-existing magnetic activity. Examples of potentially higher magnetic readings in a home might include light fixtures, wiring, etc.. Once ready to use an EMF detector, only yes or no questions should be asked. A spike in the meter insinuates a ‘yes’. No spike in the meter insinuates a ‘no’.
Continuing where I left off yesterday, I’d just made contact with a man who claimed he’d built my house. As it turned out he was not my husband’s great-grandfather but someone else. I am now of the assumption that he was a worker on the site.
I have to admit I’d become pretty excited at this point. Why? The previous year I’d awoken to a transparent man standing over my bed. Dressed in early twentieth century clothing, I’d approximate his age to be late twenties, perhaps even early 30’s. Could that man be the very same that I was communicating with now?

So I asked him, “Are you the man I saw standing over my bed last year? The meter spiked to six, held for a second, and then dropped to zero. Though I didn’t shiver, the fine hairs on my arms stood. Still, I remained calm. In another blog post I told of how my tenants had experienced something being thrown at them. I asked, “Did you throw something at the people next door?” The meter spiked to four then fell. I asked, “Were you upset with them?” The meter remained motionless. I asked again if it’d thrown something at the tenants. The meter spiked to four. I then left that topic alone, figuring that its reasons were its own and at least there had been no anger involved.
Because I’d also awoken on another night to what appeared to be a little boy around four year’s old standing over my bed, I asked, “Are you the only spirit in this house?” The meter remained motionless as I asked this question several more times. Okay. He/it wasn’t alone. So I asked, “Is there a child here as well?”
This is when it got intense.
The meter spiked to eight and held for a few seconds before dropping. Did I shake at that point? Yes! I am only human. But I needed to make sure so I asked, “You’re absolutely positive that there’s a child in this house?” This time the meter hit ten to the point that the device seemed to vibrate. This lasted about five seconds then dropped back to zero.
Instead of calling it quits like any sane person would I became more curious and asked if there was a third spirit in the house. The meter hit five and dropped. Three! Did I dare ask about a fourth? You know it. So I did. The meter remained motionless though I asked a few more times. Regrettably, despite my questioning about the third spirit, I was unable to divulge much save it preferred to keep its distance.
I continued the investigation by asking simple questions such as, “Were you alive in 1920?” Sadly enough, the meter remained motionless after the year 1910 so I can only assume he/it passed away before that. All and all, it was a very exciting fifteen minutes that ended with the spirit responding that it would be willing to answer questions when my husband was home later. I really wanted him to witness what I had. Better yet, I wish I’d set up a video camera!
Unfortunately when we tried later, my cat joined us and behaved very oddly. Walking back and forth between my husband and me, she wouldn’t stop meowing. And it wasn’t a friendly sort of sound. She wasn’t happy. And as you might have suspected, the spirit did not respond. All I could think at that time was what history tells us of cats being the guardians to the afterlife (or underworld). Could it be that myth and legend have place in non-fiction? I suppose we’ll never know. Do I intend to research the history of my property in more detail? You bet!
Wishing everyone a very spooky Halloween!



Barbara Mazzuca said...

Great story. I have a guest too that walks around upstairs. I get the feeling it's a man. But I've never done any further investigation so I really can’t be sure.

Sky Purington said...

Oh, you should, Barbara! We could do back to back true ghost stories at our blogs next Halloween.