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Monday, October 29, 2012

My Victorian. My True Ghost Stories. Segment #4.

Welcome! Leaving off from last year, It's time to share more of my own true haunted ghost stories.

For those of you who joined me last year I started sharing true ghost stories about the very house in which I currently live. On December 29th, 30th and 31st of 2011, I shared the first three segments. Well, it’s time for the next three! This time I’ll cover segments three, four and five on the same dates of 2012. This year I’ll be sharing not only more stories but my very own experiences when paranormal investigating in this house.

Just joining me for the first time and love true haunted stories? Be sure to check out the 'Flip Side' of A Writer's Mind where you can read segments one, two and three.
So, let’s begin.
First, allow me share with you a little about my Victorian taken from the ‘Flip Side.’
Owned by my husband’s family since its very birth, construction began in 1901. In 1903 my husband’s great grandfather walked his wife into her brand new house for the first time.

I still try to envision what it must have been like for her to walk into this house for the first time. How she must have been in awe by its grandeur and charm. By its oval handmade windows and sliding pocket doorways. The charm she must’ve felt as she strolled through the house, her long dress swooshing over the gleaming hardwood floors, finding all the wonderful little nooks and crannies her husband had built into the rooms.

I’ll never forget the first time I walked into this house 100 years later. The way I felt when I first entered the foyer and looked at the arched doorways and elegant balustrade lining the stairs. I was instantly, irrevocably in love. The feeling was almost…surreal. Even as a writer, I can’t convey how powerful that first moment was. Perhaps I was always meant to walk through the front door. Perhaps I was always meant to live here. It’s ten years later and I love this house as much as I did that very first moment.

As well as all its ghosts.

Oh yes, this is one very, very haunted house. In fact, my husband went to the store the other day. The cashier saw his home address and her eyes widened. She promptly asked, “Do you live here?” He said yes. (This house was rented out for many years in between) She responded, “I used to live there when I was a kid. Wow, that house is so haunted! I tell all my friends when we drive by about how haunted it is!”

How right she is.

This segment I’ll share some of the strange occurrences that happened outdoors. Yes, it seems even the backyard is haunted.
The most recent unexplainable events include the gates on our new deck being unlocked and opened. Because we have a dog we decided to have these swing gates added at the top of each set of stairs leading down from the deck. Not only are the lock latches tricky for us to open but the gate’s wood swells making it harder to execute the swing. My point? They cannot be opened by wind. With those facts established it’s always a little daunting when we find them mysteriously ajar.
Three times this summer I was standing in the kitchen (right off the deck) doing dishes. Out of the corner of my eye I saw someone walk past the French doors. The first time it happened I assumed it was the guy we’d hired to stain the deck. So I popped my head out to say, “Hi!” Nobody was there yet both gates were open. The next two times it happened I knew no one was home. Again, the gates were open.
Some say that home construction can stir up paranormal activity. This deck had been built a year prior. Could it be the spirits that haunt this house now haunt the deck?
Another unexplainable but fairly consistent event involves hearing footsteps in the yard. Mostly it happens when I walk out to the shed. The first time I experienced this phenomena was about two years ago when my son was four.

Halfway between the house and shed, I’d clearly hear what sounded like my son running up behind me. When I turned, nobody was there. The spooky thing? (besides having phantom feet run up behind me *grins*) was that from about the age of two to four, my son always claimed he played with a little boy in the house. My son is an only child! I chalked it up to being his imagination. After all, many children have imaginary friends. It was not until quite recently that I did a little paranormal investigating in this house and discovered that a child is one of three spirits that supposedly haunts this location.
I hope you enjoyed hearing a bit more about my haunted house. Be sure to join me again tomorrow as I talk about the amazing results I had when doing a little paranormal investigating.


Diane J. Reed said...

I love this post! Wonderful tale about a writer's love for an old Victorian home yet unease about its more ethereal visitors. Hope you'll do a follow up and tell us more ghost stories : )

Sky Purington said...

Thanks so much, Diane! I love sharing tales about my home and plan to share more as the years go on. I don't doubt for a second 'those' who are here will provide.