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Thursday, September 29, 2011

CHARACTER BLOWOUT- Elizabeth Mean's, Dangerous Charade.

Welcome! You’ve arrived just in time to enjoy A Writer’s Mind’s END OF WEEK CHARACTER BLOWOUT. This event is sort of like The Newlywed Game done blog style. On Thursday, I interview the heroine from some of your favorite romance novels. On Friday, the hero. It’s always a blast to see how well they really know one another!

Today it’s my pleasure to welcome over Gabrielle from Elizabeth Means', DANGEROUS CHARADE. Before I start the interview let’s learn a bit more about this book…

To escape an arranged marriage Gabrielle Broussard flees her home to become an undercover investigator with an elite, all-female investigative agency. Her first assignment, as governess at Westford castle to investigate the suspicious death of the Countess of Westford, quickly becomes complicated when she finds herself attracted to her number one suspect.

Lord Julien Blackwell is a survivor. After his father’s bankruptcy, he becomes a self-made man in Victorian England’s booming industrial era. Trapped into a loveless marriage, he has survived the shock of his wife’s sudden death. But now he must survive rumors and outright accusations. Hiring a private agency to investigate and prove his innocence seems like a good idea…until desire threatens to compromise both the case and the life of the investigator.

The Interview…

SKY: Tell us a little bit about you.

GABRIELLE: Well, unfortunately there’s not much I can say…that would be the truth. You see I’m currently working undercover as a governess at Westford Castle to investigate the suspicious death of the Countess of Westford. My last name is not even really Smithton. I took this position to support myself until I’m old enough to collect my inheritance. I had no other choice in the matter. I had to come up with some way to survive after my uncle tried to force me to marry a repugnant man so they could both split my inheritance money when I come of age. I ran away to escape them both. If my uncle should read this and discern who I really am, he would track me down and try to force me into the marriage.

SKY: Remembering the moment you first laid eyes on Julien, what thoughts come to mind?

GABRIELLE: The odious man! Considering he man-handled me in a most inappropriate fashion my thoughts from that fateful afternoon are not fit for print. Let’s just say we got off on the wrong foot and leave it at that.

SKY: He has one trait you adored from the start. What is it? You know without doubt he appreciates one of your traits. Share what you think that is.

GABRIELLE: His voice. When he says my name in that seductive drawl of his I almost melt. I fear he’s figured it out, too. Unfortunately, at the moment he adores the fact that I’m “genuine” and “honest”…all the things I have not truly been to him. We’ll have to see what the future holds. After I allow him to get to know the real me then we’ll see what traits he adores. Assuming the facts in this murder investigation convince me he’s not a cold-blooded killer, of course.

SKY: He has one trait you’d change if you could. What is it? Oh yeah, there’s a trait you know he’d change about you…fess up!

GABRIELLE: Well, first and foremost I’d change the fact that he is my number suspect in the death of the Countess of Westford. Or I’d change the fact that I’m undeniably attracted to him. The situation is becoming exceedingly complicated! What would he change about me? That’s hard to say…you’ll have to ask him. I’d love to hear his answer!

SKY: Ah, love is in the air. What is the single most romantic thing he’s done for you?

GABRIELLE: He took me on a romantic ride and picnic where he really opened up and I learned some very intriguing things about him I did not know. Things that seemingly point to his innocence in my case. But I’m not so naïve to think murderers don’t lie.

SKY: He has a feature that draws your eye every time. Care to share? His eye constantly roams to a particular part of your person. Tell, tell!

GABRIELLE: His eyes. They’re the rarest shade of green and I never tire of looking into them.

I know he loves my hair, he’s constantly staring at it and takes every opportunity to free if from whatever style I have it in. He loves to run his hands through it and all the way down my back. Even though it takes me a long time to make it presentable again I don’t really mind…

SKY: How do you think Julien would answer the following… Our favorite thing to do together is…?

GABRIELLE: Spar. With words, not weapons. We are constantly battling wits and I’m not sure who is ahead we’ve had so many matches. Sometimes it’s the only way to relieve the tension between us. The only appropriate way.

SKY: You and Julien just don’t see eye to eye on what issue?

GABRIELLE: He wants to keep tabs on my every move lately and I refuse to allow it. I have a job to do, which he doesn’t truly understand, and he’s making it difficult. He claims he’s protecting me from danger.

SKY: He said one thing to you that you’ll never forget. What was it?

GABRIELLE: He told me that I was an excellent actress – not knowing the real truth of his statement. It caused me to panic momentarily as I feared he’d figured out who I was and why I was really at Westford Castle. Fortunately, it was only a false alarm.

Super interview, Gabrielle! It'll be interesting to see how Julien answers these questions. *Grins*

Be sure to pop back in tomorrow to enjoy Lord Julien Blackwell’s interview!

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Sky Purington said...

Great character interview, Gabrielle! (AKA- Elizabeth) :-)

Elizabeth Means said...
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Elizabeth Means said...

Thank you, it was a lot of fun being here today!

Hywela Lyn said...

Fascinating interview, ladies, and what a gorgeous cover! This book sounds most intriguing!

Sky Purington said...

I have to agree, Lyn! This book is SO on my TBR list. :-)