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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Check out my NEW BOOK COVERS!!! WTG cover artist, Tamra Westberry!

Welcome! For those of you who frequent this blog, I’ll bet you’re wondering why Caroline Clemmons isn’t with us to enjoy the End of Week Character Blowout. Well, she’s having a terrible time with her computer and is struggling to do anything period with the Internet.

To Caroline… I feel your pain! Been there. It all but cripples we writers when things go wrong with our dependable computers. I’ve invited Caroline and her fabulous characters to return anytime. A Writer’s Mind’s ‘cyberdoors’ are always open.

In that I’m minus one super talented author this weekend I thought I’d share some fabulous news with you. AND some to-die-for covers.

So here’s the BIG NEWS. Very soon, I’ll be re-launching what will now be called The MacLomain Series. No worries, all the same lovable characters are still present but this time we get to know them even better. I wrote this series four years ago and quite frankly, my 'voice' has changed. AKA- my writing style. Be prepared… there may be a wee bit more sensuality. But hey, aren't we all up for a little more sex with a sizzlin' hot Highlander? Grins. Also, The King’s Druidess is now longer and without doubt, the naughtiest of the lot.

My goal is to stun the world with this series at the beginning of August as I’ll be taking that month off to spend time with family. Of course I’ll still blog but I won’t be featuring any authors.

Alrighty, I think I’ve rattled on enough. Are you ready to check out my NEW book covers??? As always, I went flying to talented cover artist TAMRA WESTBERRY and asked her to work her magic. Lemme tell ya, she didn’t let me down. Absolutely stunning work. If you’re an author passing through and would like to learn more about her services click HERE. Also, another round of thanks to cover model, Jimmy Thomas (Seen on the cover of Fate's Monolith). You're beyond delicious darlin'.

Here they are!!!


L. K. Below/Lindsay Below said...

These are gorgeous! I especially love the cover for "The King's Druidess". You must be glowing right now :)


And yes, in my opinion, a little more sex with sexy Scots is always a good thing!

Hywela Lyn said...

Beautiful Covers Sky. My favourite is 'Fate's Monolith, but they're all gorgeous!

Beth Caudill said...

Great covers Sky. Congrats on the relaunch.

Renee Vincent said...

Oh how lovely! All three of them!!! So excited for you Sky!!!!

Sky Purington said...

Thanks, ladies! I'm sooooo thrilled! :-)