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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sharon Donovan's, Charade of Hearts. First Contest Winner Drawn!

What a spectacular Valentine’s week! Again, I’d like to thank Sharon Donovan for visiting and sharing a never-before-read skit from her latest tale, Charade of Hearts. Absolutely wonderful work m’dear!

As you know, there were a couple of contests running this past week. The first was held by Sharon. This contest is still running. To refresh you, here are the details…

Now for my Valentines Day surprise. See the picture in the previous post showcasing the beautiful sterling silver heart blue diamond earrings, estimated to be approximately 1/8 of a ct. Aren’t they gorgeous? They can be yours and here’s how.

Simply race to your computer and download your hot off the press copy of Charade of Hearts and answer the following question to me in a private email.


What emblem is tattooed on the ring leader to designate power?

Remember to email answers to me in a private email to sharonad@comcast.net

Please put Valentines contest in the subject line. This contest will run until the end of the month. Oliver will draw the lucky winner on my blog on February 28th.


Thank you, ladies and good luck!

I hosted the SECOND contest which closed yesterday. Time to announce a winner. Drum roll please…Congratulations Maeve!!! Please contact me at Skypurington@live.com to collect your prize.

Enjoy the remainder of your weekend all. Be sure to pop in Monday morn as I welcome author Skhye Moncrief to my Celts and More Blog Event!



Carol L. said...

I love the interview Sky. I also love Anotonio. ..sigh..:)
Carol L

Sky Purington said...

Sorry for the belayed response here. I couldn't agree more, Carol! :-)