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Monday, February 21, 2011

Celt and More. Skhye Moncrief's, Feral Flaw. Sexy Highlanders Alert!!!

Welcome. It’s week four of my Celts and More Blog Event and so far it’s been a blast!

For those of you joining me for the first time, this blog event was designed to not only reintroduce you to some of your favorite Celtic romance authors but to familiarize you with some of their non-Celtic work. As an added bonus, each and every author invited to participate has graciously decided to share a never-before-read skit from the main story they’ll be featuring. Either this is a scene they wrote especially for this blog post or it was a deleted scene they felt you’d enjoy reading.

This week it’s a pleasure to welcome back multi-published and very talented romance author, Skhye Moncrief. She’ll be sharing her hot off the press romantica release, Feral Flaw. According to Skhye, this particular scene leads right into the opening chapter of Feral Flaw!

The floor’s all yours, Skhye…


Sexual espionage never got any deadlier!

As the Blood Wars between psychic werewolves and vampires continue, Commander Goro’s deepest desire, his love, his promised mate, is taken from him in the worst possible manner. He learns she’s given birth to his arch enemy’s child, a deadly rumor for both his honor and her life. If he discovers she’s a sex spy, he’ll have to kill her. Now they must mate to disprove the rumor of sexual espionage. Although he’d postponed that moment of divine completion bonding their bodies through mystic sex and blood exchange to safeguard her from the treacherous game of manipulation—a game he and his intended play with everyone aboard his starship, he has no choice but to mate. Just one problem stands in his way…

Psychokinetic earthling Crazy Darla, manipulator extraordinaire unequaled by none other than Goro, realizes the only way to survive the rumored lie is to run for her life. But there was always something more in her motives than fantasies of delicious sex with the man she’s craved for years. Even though those motives felt carnal. Something else, pure and, perhaps, metaphysical haunted her. Perhaps in his goddess, Destiny? She had to believe in those feelings of love. But to trust is to show weakness in handing over one’s fate to another who just might ritually disembowel you.

Who is playing whom in the battle of masterminds? Sexual espionage never got any deadlier. With the secret baby, bounty hunters, an entrancing crystal, and a space opera between werewolves and vampires forcing Goro and Darla into dark secluded corners, pushing them into carnal sexual interludes and dangerous blood exchanges fueled by the frenzied blood lust of were-mates, the future holds both promises and lies in the psychic war. And one wrong move means you’ve succumbed to the deadliest thing in the universe,

Skit for story:

“Every time I chance a secret rendezvous with you, it’s like walking a gauntlet ,” Commander Goro chuckled, pulling one of his betrothed’s clingy hands off his ass where they hid, trapped in a clench inside the Chamber’s dense foliage aboard starship, The Seeker.

The hand stuck to the seat of my leather pants like I wore iron body armor and she wielded a magnetic glove.

She thrust her bulging breasts into my heart and tilted her tempting parted lips toward mine. “You know you want to be done with this game we play with people. Let me just peel off your clothes with my teeth, lick you until your skin warms, and then we’ll mate. Create the blood bond. I’ve got a knife.” She grinned, batting her long brown eyelashes. “It’ll only take a second.” She buried her soft lips against my neck and sucked my pounding heart into a thrashing beat that pushed every drop of my blood down to my already rock-hard arousal.

Gods to lie her down and run my hands through her long brown mane.

But we’d be dead if someone found us. Even worse, I’d have to kill the crewmember who chanced through the forest. Although, easing the tension coursing through every cell of my body would make my existence unbelievably bearable.

I could die after that pivotal moment in life. Even if the Blood Wars hadn’t ended.

She groaned, shoving away, releasing her handhold, and turned her back to me.

My promised heart. The killer cloaked in black mercenary leather. Her shoulders almost hung in defeat.

She thrust her profile my direction over her shoulder. “Go away. I’ve had enough for tonight.”

“Darla, you know we can’t risk being separated. If we our blood mates and run out of each other’s blood libations, we shift. We die. And Voldon knows you and I mated. I can’t allow him to hold that against you because of my lack of self-control.”

She waved a dismissive hand at me. “I’ve heard it all before. Don’t bother coming back for a little kiss and rub until you have something new to share. And you know what I mean by new and share.”

Blessed Devros, when would the time present itself to allow us to quench the thirst choking the life out of us?

Sky here. Nice excerpt! Super steamy. *Grins*

Interested in reading Chapter One from FERAL FLAW? Click HERE.

Purchase FERAL FLAW at New Concepts Publishing.

Reviews: For Book 1: FERAL FASCINATIONS… *romantica*

“FERAL FASCINATIONS ...a surprise and an exciting read. It's not an easy novel to summarize but take my word for it…a summary can't do it justice any way. You have to read—and enjoy it—for yourself!... 5 stars” ~Tony-Paul

"This isn’t one of your brother’s Sci-Fi Books – it’s Rebel Mercenary meets Paranormal Alien Chick. The storyline is complex and well written, Ms. Moncrief seamlessly blended earth religion, new-age mysticism, paranormal events, shape-shifting rogue spies, and a who-done-it twist." ~ LynnMarie, HEA Reviews

"Feral Fascinations is one of those werewolf science fiction novels that captures the imagination. Skhye Moncrief has done an amazing job of bringing a new world out and showing it to the reader with such amazing clarity. Feral Fascinations is an original novel many will enjoy as it combines both modern and futuristic elements twinned with horror... True horror and science fiction fans will take to this novel really well as the characters are fascinating and well worth reading about.” ~Sandra, Romance at the Heart Magazine


He'd give her his hand. If only she'd take it... Spicy/sensual Highland romance

He’s stuck in present-day Scotland with a bent time-travel key only she can repair. Duty requires he return to his time. His ticket home relies on a lonely woman haunted by more than apparitions. Her track record with men keeps her at a distance. And ghostly events keep pushing them closer together. Earning her trust will require the kind of patience only a valiant time guardian learns during his twenty years of apprenticeship. If time-travel duty, romance, and a bit of magic don’t help them realize their destiny resonates in mysterious fairy SWORDSONG, all known history could change.

Read Chapter One HERE.

"His forbearance, pure love, and finally his and Katie's "hand fasting" create an enchanting love story with a touch of magic... destiny sends them to a time and a life far removed from the lives they have known... a tale of future, present, and past with each of the time periods nurturing Katie and Murdo until the time is right for their union—their destiny. Skhye Moncrief creates a unique culture from which Murdo comes. She weaves it in with present culture, making a compelling, sparkling love story with a unique twist near the end." ~Camilla, Long and Short Reviews

"Murdo requires the special skills of swordsmith Katie Innis to complete his duties as a time guardian. But Katie's past makes her distant around the man's charms. Who doesn't love a noble Scotsman that can quote Robert Burns? Murdo's wooing of Katie requires a bit of magic only a true soul-mate can deliver." ~Victoria, posted at Amazon

Available in e-format at: Amazon and Fictionwise. In Print at Amazon.

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Wishing you all a fabulous week!



Skhye said...

Thanks for having me over, Sky. I wanted to warn everyone that there was a mix up with the blurbs on my new release at New Concepts. The blurb for book 3 is on FERAL FLAW. So, if you pop over and read something about an archaeologist and sexy Tiger men, uh, that's a sneak preview to FERAL FEVER. :) But they're working on changing the blurb and oneliner!


Sky Purington said...

Nothing like a little extra promo for your next release! ;-)

Skhye said...

LOL, I hadn't planned it that way. ;)

Chicks of Characterization said...

Great post ladies!!! Feral Flaw sounds great!!! Wishing you all the best Skhye!!

Loved the secret skit!!


Sky Purington said...

I'm in total agreement with you Andrea...Feral Flaw sounds fantastic! :-)

Skhye said...

Thanks, Andrea and Sky.

Alisha said...

Wow! Talk about bending genres! Great excerpt, Skhye! Sorry about the mix up on your blurb but I think Sky is right, any promo is good promo! Now everyone will be looking forward to book 3!

Hey...I liked the licking the skin part. Mmmmm. I got a serious visual there. Can't wait until the werewolf story you shared with me comes out. Curious about which excerpt you will post. I know which one you SHOULD post! :P

Skhye said...

LOL, Alisha! Will definitely post the one about the big you-know-what. *snort* Thanks for all the encouragement. :)

Sky Purington said...

Skhye, while you're here, share! What's next on your agenda? Tell us about your next book!

Skhye said...

I'm currently working on two novels in my Feral series... Both deal with two warring cyborg cultures. I'm totally in love with cyborg books these days. And decided what the heck. It's my future. And we're talking space. So why not just create my own cyborgs? So, I've worked up two different augmented groups of humanoids.


Conflict + Sex = Werewolf Romantica

The book that follows will deal with merfolk! I couldn't resist that chapter in my series.

Now, I've recently submitted two books in a new werewolf series and am just waiting and waiting to find out--the kind of gnaw on your cheek, tapping your fingernails waiting. These werewolves are the same traditional type I write about. No sweet fluffy wolves. Nope. Big mean nasty I'm-gonna-eat-Little-Red-Riding-Hood monsters that just need a little taming. :) The new series is set on post-apocalyptic earth about 60 years in the future...

Otherwise, I have a "dragon lords" book halfway finished. I say that but don't have the time to go back and work on it with everything else going on.

Okay, I'm off to write!

Sheila Deeth said...

Fascinating. Enjoyed the "skit". Good luck!

Skhye said...

Thanks for having me over, Sky! Have an awesome productive weekend. That's for WRITING!

Skhye said...

Thanks, Sheila. :) Thanks for stopping by.

Sky Purington said...

As always, great to have you over Skhye. In fact, I'm keeping you for the weekend! :-)

Carol L. said...

Loving Highlanders so much this was a post for me.:) I can't wait to read Feral Flaw. I see I have to add some new books to my list. lol Wishing you many sales Skhye.
Carol L