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Monday, January 31, 2011

Celts and More Blog Event. Kat Duncan's, Without a Lord. Giveaways: Celtic DVD's, Ebooks, Scottish Foods & Goodies

Welcome to my Celts and More Blog Event! As this week marks the launch of this blog event, I’ll briefly explain what it entails. Each week now through April a different author will be featured. All authors have written not only a Celtic romance but at least one of another genre as well. My goal? To expand the literary pallet of we who love our Celtic authors and introduce not only their Celtic stories but some of their non-Celtic work.

I’ve decided to do this event a wee bit different than previous events and skip the interview. What am I giving you instead? You’re going to love this. I’ve convinced each participating author to pen a ‘never-before-seen’ excerpt from their highlighted story. What does that mean? You’ll be reading either a deleted scene or one they wrote especially for this event.

Okay…on to the fun stuff! This week it’s my extreme pleasure to feature talented author, Kat Duncan. I couldn’t help but steal a bit from her home page in introduction… “She likes to write about teaching and teach about writing.” Fantastic!

As an added bonus, Kat would like to host a contest this week. From her lips to my blog…

Contest: What is the name of the monk who tends Caille's injury? You'll have to read more of Without a Lord to find out. Click HERE to get started then click the Green Arrow That Points Right to read on. You should find your answer within the first chapter or two (HINT: Really start keeping your eyes peeled by page 30!). Include the answer in a comment on the blog to win. All correct answers will be put into a hat and three random draws will win:

1) First Draw - The 3 DVD set of Celtic Journey Through Ireland, a basket of Scottish foods and goodies, a copy of Without a Lord (any ebook format) and a copy of Fifty-eight Faces (any ebook format).

2) Second Draw - A copy of The Celts by John Davies (a print book), a basket of Scottish foods and goodies, a copy of Without a Lord (any ebook format) and a copy of Fifty-eight Faces (any ebook format).

Wow! Those are some incredible giveaways. Thanks Kat!

As you might have guessed, the story Kat decided to reveal an extra skit about is Without a Lord. So read on and enjoy!

Denied the lands that had been long promised him, Sir Roger vows to take what is rightfully his, the lands of his own lord, and the lord's new lady along with them.

Lady Caille is not the type to run from a fight. Faced with an indecent proposal she must choose between love and honor or risk losing the lands King Henry II granted to her father.

Never Before Read Scene….

Sir Roger held his wife in his arms while she slept. Her breath purled warm rhythmic puffs against his neck. She smelled of heather and moss and of his lovemaking. Content at last, he murmured the long-forbidden words. "I love you, Caille."

Lady Caille's legs shifted, pulling Roger's cloak off his body. Exposed to the chill air, he opened his eyes to daylight. Thick fog hung like wanton drapings of silk on the little valley where they'd bedded down. Roger re-adjusted the cloak he'd covered himself and Lady Caille with, tucking it around her body.

"What is it, Sir Roger?" she asked, wiping her eyes.

He gazed at her angelic face, wishing his dream of having her for his wife were truth. "It is naught, my lady. It was but a dream."

"Oh. A pleasant dream?"

Her enchanting green-eyed gaze soothed the sorrow in his heart. "Aye, my lady. As pleasant as your company, and as beautiful as this mist-shrouded valley. I have never seen country so lovely or so peaceful."

"I am very glad Scotland pleases you, despite the desperation of our errand here."

Stifling a heavy sigh, he stood. She had provided a meal for him the previous day. It was his turn to serve her. He was her champion, after all. "Scotland does please me well. And now, my lady, I will gather us a morning meal."

A short walk brought him to the edge of the little lake. The reflected scene of mountain and mist held him spellbound, as if fate seized his breath, awaiting his decision to cross a forbidden boundary. Stepping from stone to stone he made his way out to where the water was deeper. He eyed clusters of mussels clinging to the rocks. Using his dagger, he removed handfuls of the large shellfish.

When he returned to her, Lady Caille was tossing more wood onto the fire. It blazed up, then settled down to a bed of hot coals when he added the mussels. The heat would cook the fish, steaming them open after a few minutes.

The lady sat on his cloak, using a comb to untangle the long plait of golden-red hair that trailed down her back like a streak of precious amber.

"Would my lady permit me to stand in for her handmaid?"

"Oh, it is not necessary."

"I have some skill with plaiting. You will want a fresh plait to keep your fair tresses from becoming unruly as we travel." He moved to sit beside her and took the comb from her hand. She held her body rigidly, but softened the moment he began to comb.

"How did you come by such a skill as plaiting, Sir Roger?"

"I spent my youth at court. The lord who fostered me was a favorite of King Stephen. There were many ladies who were more than willing to offer me tutoring in the care of women's needs."

He separated her hair to make a single long plait. Each time he caught a handful of silky hair to add it to the plait, the tips of his fingers brushed across the creamy skin on her neck. He was certain she could sense the amplified pulse of his heart.

"Mmmm...it must have been wonderful to be tutored at court."

"Yes. I spent many pleasurable hours at it." He bent his head forward and put his heated lips against the skin of her shoulder.

She sagged back against him and made a longing sigh.

"I would share this knowledge with my lady, if she wishes." He enfolded her waist with his arm and pressed her body against his.

She shivered herself alert and sat up straight, sending a cruel wave of cold space between them. "I would like to hear more of your experiences at court," she said.

"I would tell you, but more I would show you some of the things I learned." He skimmed the back of his hand against one soft cheek.

She turned and put a hand over his mouth. "No, Roger. You must not speak to me of such things."

He pressed her fingers to his lips and kissed them one by one, watching the emerald glow in her eyes. "I would stay here in Scotland with you forever if that is what would make you most happy."

"It cannot be. It is too great a sacrifice."

"True love often requires great sacrifice."

"True love...yes. Let us go now, before we furnish ourselves with regrets."

Sky here. Super excerpt, Kat! Utterly romantic.
Read more from Without a Lord, click here.

Purchase Without a Lord at Amazon or Smashswords.

As promised, Kat is also sharing another story titled Fifty-eight Faces~ Jewel of the Night Series

Chief of surgery at a small children's hospital, Caroline's last hope to save it from financial ruin evaporates when she loses the Blue Diamond case to greedy Evan Quinn. When Evan buys the hospital property for high profit condo conversion, Caroline's hatred shifts into full red-alert.

But Evan is not her real enemy. Rolf, the hospital's chief administrator, has had his eye on the blue diamond since he learned of it from his Nazi grandfather. To be the 58th face to possess the Blue Diamond, one for each of its facets, grants the owner unlimited power. Rolf plans to kill the current owners and use the diamond to build his Neo-Nazi regime. Can Caroline give up her hatred and Evan his greed before Rolf kills them both?

Read an excerpt, click HERE.

Purchase Fifty-eight Faces at The Wild Rose Press.

Interested in learning more about Kat? Visit her Website.

Enjoy blogging? Check out Kat’s Write About Blog.

Time for some social networking! Follow Kat on Facebook or Twitter.

Contact Kat at Kat@Katduncan.net

Don’t forget to enter the contest to win some super giveaways!

ALSO...Be sure to pop over to The Write Life to meet another super author and enter for a chance to win yet another great prize!



Chicks of Characterization said...

Wow, these stories all look FABULOUS!! I loved reading the Excerpts!!! & the deleted scene!!!

The Answer to your question- who took care of Caille's wound- was Brother Dohmnhull.

You are a new author for me Kat, one I will definitely be checking out!!!

Wishing you much sucess!!!
~Andrea :O)

Kat Duncan said...

Thanks so much for stopping by, Andrea! I'm glad you liked the excerpts...thanks to Sky for providing this great opportunity to be discovered by new readers!

Caroline Clemmons said...

Kat, loved the smashwords preview. Hope I win one of your prizes--especially the DVD set. My family are all Celtic nuts.


Kat Duncan said...

Hi Caroline, great to see you here. To enter the contest for the DVDs you have to answer the question: What is the name of the monk who tends Caille's injury? You can find this on the free Smashwords preview at or around p. 30. To be fair to all, please leave another comment with the answer and Good Luck! :)

Sky Purington said...

Sorry I'm a little late! Welcome Kat, it's so great to have you over! Your work sounds fabulous. :)))

Sky Purington said...

Thanks for popping over, Andrea! I know, isn't it fun reading never-before-seen excerpts? I thought Kat did a super job with hers!

Sky Purington said...

Thanks for swinging in, Caroline! I too come from a family of Celtic nuts, LOL! ;)

Hywela Lyn said...

Hi ladies,
What a fascinating post!

As a Welsh Celt I am of course intereted in anything Celtic, whether from Scotland, Ireland or Wales, and I have to say 'Without a Lord'sounds like something I'd really enjoy, your excerpt really drew me in. And your 'Jewel Of The Night' story sounds wonderful too.

All the very best with both your titles.

Sky - I'm looking forward to having you as my special guest tomorrow!

Sky Purington said...

Lyn, good to see you! Looking forward to tomorrow. Fingers and toes crossed we don't lose the power. 2 feet of snow heading this way!

Caroline Clemmons said...

Kat, I became so engaged by your read that I forgot to return to leave the answer. The monk's name was Brother Dumnhull

Kat Duncan said...

Thanks for returning, Caroline. You are in the running! Good luck!

PJ Friel-Edwards said...

Oooo...58 Faces sounds very intriguing! I love those types of books. :D

The answer to the question is Brother Domhnull. :)

Kat Duncan said...

Hi PJ! Intriguing is a good way to put it! Thanks for your answer to the question. Good luck in the drawings!

Ms. Smith said...

My mother told me about your blog, and I'm definitely going to read your book. I love your writing--especially all the Celtic names. The answer to the trivia question is Brother Domhnull.

Kat Duncan said...

Hi Bea! Thanks for stopping by and thank your mother for me, too! I'm so glad you like the names. I love finding unique names. You are in the running for the drawings. Good luck!

Sky Purington said...

WB Caroline! Glad you entered the contest. Such great giveaways!

Sky Purington said...

Thanks for joining us, PJ! 58 Faces does sound like a super read.

Sky Purington said...

Welcome Bea! I agree with you, Kat's writing is supurb!

Mia Marlowe said...

Kat, I love the tenderness of your hero plaiting his lady's hair. Brilliant!

Sky Purington said...

Thanks for joining us, Mia! :)