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Friday, November 19, 2010

Nine Muses of Inspiration. Thanks for Three Wonderful Years Thus Far! And, thank you Greece.

I'd like to once more thank my muse sisters who have spent time visiting me over the past few months. The Song of the Muse Anthology lives on through not only us but our muses of inspiration. Love you gals!

I'd also like to say thank you to all the readers out there whom visited through this event. Whether you commented or not, that you spent the time to learn more about my dear sisters meant the world. Were they not fabulous? For those of you just popping in, scroll back through posts or use my handy 'search bar' option to learn and discover more about what the nine muses of inspiration have been up to.

One last 'thank you' must be sent to the country of Greece for its rich history and withstands-the-test-of-time mythology. I've a great deal of respect for your country. As I'm not sure which pronunciation is best suited to this, I offer what I was able to learn about being thankful in various parts of Greece...Efcharisto...Sas efharisto...Efharisto poli...Sas efharisto poli.

In a final farewell, I'd like to share a culmination of sorts. All of these stories are available in print. Three books, nine authors.

Here they are..


ANCIENT MUSINGS: Skhye Moncrief...Calliope. When the muse of writing, Calliope, challenges Zeus to end her immortal existence, she faces the reality of death in Hades. Only Jake Genoese, an archaeologist' s soul, can outwit Zeus's Harpies and help her find new purpose. Far more is at stake when both realize they are no more than pawns for ANCIENT MUSINGS.

HIGHLAND MUSE: Sky Purington....Melpomene, Muse of Tragedy, risks everything to save Rowan Stewart's life. Devoted to Scotland in life and the God of War in death, Rowan struggles to understand her undying devotion to him. Can a melodramatic Grecian Goddess and a resolute Scotsman truly love one another? Find out in HIGHLAND MUSE.

DESTINY'S LIGHT: Robyn Wren (Porter)....Eutrepe Hades, Zeus, Hestia and the chaos of a forgotten memory, Eutrepe hurries to fulfill her quest to unlock the buried words to complete Ceris' unfinished song. Their bond forged the night she's almost killed, Ceris must venture to the underworld to save her and bring them both into DESTINY'S LIGHT.

First in a trilogy! Pick it up now. Click HERE

THE BRIGHTEST HEAVEN-Masha Holl... Urania, muse of Astronomy, is disconsolate: technology flourishes, but true creativity seems lost. Then she meets Daniel Kettering, an astrophysicist who shines with inspiration. But he's about to make a discovery which will threaten time, space, and every existing world. The Olympians order Urania to carry an ultimatum for Daniel: forget your research and get eternal life. Or else. But first, Urania and Daniel have to figure out who stole Daniel's research, save the universe, and defeat Chaos; and maybe find happiness. 

ERATO'S TEARS-Reece Herring....powerful love is cut tragically short. Beyond Hades domain their destiny burns eternally bright. Two lost souls search through time to discover their hidden passion. In Delphi, Mathias, an outcast Spartan finds a reason at last to abandon his wanderlust in the vulnerable Ambrosia. With the unseen aid of Erato, he tries desperately to conquer her hatred of warriors and bring peace to his unsettled soul. A tenuous hold on love develops, but will their untried bond endure? Can the Muse of Love overcome the destructive power of one god's revenge, and right the wrongs of history? Only ERATOS TEARS will determine.

DANCING WITH FATE-Hywela Lyn....Terpsichore's task, to restore a love of dancing to the folk of Wales, seems simple. However, all is not as it seems. Danger follows. Legends are threatened. She had not meant to lose her heart or to have to save the man she loves by dancing with Fate.

Doesn't this second set of stories sound beyond fab? Want a copy? I don't blame you! Click HERE to add to your collection. 


A LOVE BEYOND TIME: Alisha Paige...Clio Cursed for mocking Aphrodite, the goddess of love, Clio, Muse of History and her lover are thrust back in time to the Salem witch trials and then the Italian Renaissance. Only love can save them both, but is it enough? Is their love A LOVE BEYOND TIME? NO FUNNY STUFF!: Thalia

NO FUNNY STUFF: Michele Hart....Dispatching her favorite messenger to deliver laughter to a dying man, Thalia, the Muse of Comedy, faces down ancient curses and a vengeful Immortal bent on watching generations suffer. She'd rather be shoe-shopping! Luckily for Thalia, the God of War's only weakness is Comedy's greatest ally! NO FUNNY STUFF here!

THE VICTORY OF LUGH: Valerie Everhart...Polyhymnia Thrust through time to the dark ages of Ireland, Hymnia, muse of glorious praise, finds Dacien, the Laird of Castle Lugh, anything but god-like. She uncovers the mystery of the disappearing women of the castle, but loses her heart to the very person she suspects is the killer, in THE VICTORY OF LUGH.

Go ahead, admit it, it’s been so good thus far you have to read until the very end. No way around it,you won't be dissapointed. These stories are spectacular. Purchase the last in the series HERE.

To all out there who believe in the nine muses of inspiration and all they've done for mankind, much thanks! May one of them (perhaps a few) always whisper in your ear and lead you in the right direction.


Please check back Monday for winners of Michele Hart's (AKA- Thalia) contest.

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