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Thursday, June 10, 2010

P.L. Parker's FREE READ with a prize to boot!

Welcome to my Spring has Sprung blog event. This week I’m thrilled to have talented romance author, P.L. Parker join me. Things are a little different this time around. Not only are you entered to win a $4.50 gift certificate to The Wild Rose Press if you comment but you can download this story today. Why? It’s a FREE READ!


She'd run, fleeing from a past too painful to bear, in search of a new beginning. What he offered wasn't what she wanted – or was it?

SKY: Welcome, thanks for joining me this week!

P.L. PARKER: Most welcome. Looked forward to it and visiting with your group.

SKY: Too curious...what inspired this story?

P.L. PARKER: The Free Reads Program is generated to bring readers to the publisher’s site (in this case The Wild Rose Press) and since I have a book out recently in the Cactus Rose line, Aimee’s Locket, I wanted to do something to draw attention to that book as well. The idea of a runaway bride has always appealed to me. Women have been running for thousands of years for one reason or another. Times I feel like running myself. LOL. Since this story needed to be about the Old West to concide with my Cactus Rose novel, I just had to pick the setting and a saloon seemed a colorful and interesting choice – so many delicious characters to choose from. I sometimes get lost in my side-characters and lose sight of my main figure, but Delilah, the heroine, kept my attention very well.

SKY: You're right, women have been running for thousands of years, one way or another. Sounds fantastic! But let's crawl inside...what makes your heroine fly off the pages? I’d love a glimpse of who she is.

P.L. PARKER: She’s a nice girl who wants more out of life than her mother had, but becoming a saloon songbird isn’t exactly what she had in mind. She remembers before, but wishes it were different.

Scandalous by any standard, the white expanse of her breasts threatened to spill from the purple silk dress. She grimaced. Mama’d roll over in her grave if she could see me now!

SKY: What makes your hero worth knowing─lusting over?

P.L. PARKER: Oh, Brett is every woman’s dream. A man who can be scorned and still come back for more. Handsome, strong and understanding. I want one! Hee hee, I have one I love dearly, but we can dream – we have to – we’re romance writers.

He was handsome this cowboy, the kind of handsome that caused good women to swoon. She felt like swooning herself. But even the masculine beauty of his face couldn’t disguise the underlying fury.

A low rumble echoed from his chest as he spied her cowering figure. Sparks flew from his narrowed blue eyes. Her heart thudded with wild abandon, her knees grew weak. She swayed, clutching the bar to steady her trembling.

SKY: Thanks so much for visiting and sharing!

P.L. PARKER: Thank you Sky for inviting me – and thanks to everyone who stops by.

What people are saying about Songbird already…

Brett is every woman's dream man, tall, dark, handsome, sensitive, take-charge but gentle. As he pronounced his love for Miss Delilah, I found myself silently urging her on to fall into his arms and take him back as her husband. Once again, P. L. Parker did not disappoint me! She definitely knows what romance is or should be and her stories curl my toes. Her talents are truly amazing and I hope to read much much more of her stories and books!”

~Lani Locuson

Incredibly curious? Thought so! Click here to download this FREE READ now.

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Thanks again for popping in. Don’t forget, for a chance to win a gift certificate to The Wild Rose Press, be sure to leave a comment by Friday, June 18th, 12 PM EST!



P.L. Parker said...

Good Morning Sky - Everyone. Thanks for inviting me. This is one blog I visit quite regularly as Sky has some great posts. Looking forward to visiting about Songbird and my Cactus Rose, Aimee's Locket. Thanks again.

Michele Hart said...

Songbird sounds great, Ms. Parker! Brett sounds like an awesome hero I'm want to stand beside and wiggle my eyebrows suggestively.

***jumping up and down and waving***
Greetings, Sky, my muse sister!
Thanks for bringing us a great interview.

Becca Dale said...

Songbird sounds intriguing, P.L. Can't wait to download it. Nothing beats a hot cowboy for a yummy fantasy. I love the Wild Rose Press as well.

Caroline Clemmons said...

Patsy, don't you love Sky's beautiful site? I love western romances, so I'll rush over to TWRP and read all of Songbird.


Mary Ricksen said...

What a great interview. I liked how you weaved bits of the story into it. Good stuff girl!!
I hope you sell a million books, and I loved Aimee's Locket, it was the best!

Margaret Tanner said...

Hi Patsy,
Great interview. Ooh I love westerns. Songbird sounds great, I am looking forward to reading it.


P.L. Parker said...

Hi, Michelle, Becca,Caroline and Mary - whew, just got back from checking cars for my 17 year old. Would much rather be here and visiting. Thanks to all of you for stopping by and here's a plug for Mary's Tripping Through Time. I loved it and being part Indian, I loved the sister in the story particularly. I love Sky's blog, don't always leave comments but love to stop by and read the latest.

Carol L. said...

I've downloaded Songbird and can not wait to reads it. Loved the interview and will go to your web site from here P.L. Thank you so much for the free read and sharing. Thank you as always Sky.
Carol L.

Sky Purington said...

Sticking my head in a little later than intended. Thanks to all who have popped in so far. Caroline, thanks for the compliment about my site! You're so sweet!

Okay, I'm going to throw up a few more links to this post so everyone can check out the fantastic reviews for some of Patsy's other stories. :)


Sky Purington said...

***Jumping up & down. Waving back*** at Michele!!!

Hugs, my muse sister!


P.L. Parker said...

Hey, Everyone - meant to check in earlier but got stuck car shopping again. Finally found one but OMG -forgot how much cars cost and then the taxes, title and fees added on. Anyway, I digress - thanks for all the great comments and Sky, I love this blog - perfect place to be.

Sky Purington said...

Hugs, Patsy. Honestly? Glad I'm not in your shoes quite yet. What car did your son end up with?

Ugh, I don't want to even picture my son driving. I'm Hiding under the veil of denial already!


P.L. Parker said...

Good Morning Everyone - Sky, it's a really nice little Saturn. Yes, 17 year olds and cars - a step into reality.

I love the research end of writing. Finding that one little bit of information which adds substance to my stories is so fulfilling. I found so many cute little bits for Aimee's Locket. My other stories are so far back in time, not a lot of "bits" to add in, but I did find some.

Ruth Cox aka abitosunshine said...

"Aimee's Locket" sounds quite interesting!

Blessings & a bit o' sunshine!

P.L. Parker said...

Good afternoon - just stopping by for a few minutes. Just to let you know, Aimee's Locket is up for best video trailer at The New Covey Awards. I'm pretty excited.

Sky Purington said...

Congratulations, Patsy!!!


Autumn Jordon said...

Pasty, I loved your trailer for Aimee's locket and Songbird sounds great too. I need to get an e-reader. I hope you sale tons and I'm crossing my fingers to win a copy.