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Friday, June 18, 2010

One day left to win a PRINT copy of my book!!!

ONE DAY LEFT to win a PRINT copy of Sylvan Mist!!!

Yes, I'm afraid my Spring has Sprung Blog Event has come to an end...almost. You still have an opportunity to win this week. Though I'm not giving away a prize at this blog I'll send you to a place you can win.

MONDAY through FRIDAY I'll be in the SPOTLIGHT at the Write Life-Chicks of Charazterization blogspot. Pop over anytime through the week and leave a comment for a chance to win a PRINT copy of Sylvan Mist, book III in my Highlander Trilogy!

Hope to see a few of you there! Below I've listed the blurb and an excerpt for Sylvan Mist. Enjoy!

Coira O'Donnell refuses to acknowledge the Scotsman haunting her. Why should she? She carries no magic and she's newly engaged. Well aware of the mysterious tie between the medieval Mac'Lomains and her mother's clan, the Brouns, Coira will have no part of it. She much prefers a proper English gentleman to a barbarian living six hundred years in the past. However, as one whirlwind day will prove, she has little choice in the matter.

Chieftain William Mac'Lomain did not call her back, yet she arrives. Coira is not the woman meant for him. Or is she? Her arrival marks the start of a highland war unlike any Scotland has witnessed before, one born of magic. Soon, he finds himself in a tangled web of duty, loyalty and unexpected love. A love so unattainable and powerful it may cost him the war; and his heart.

A little sample...

The fast-fading moonlight poured over her small form. Coira dropped the fur cloak to her feet, leaving only the pale gray of her wool gown and plaid wrap. She removed the wrap. It fell, a dull shadow against the pool of fur at her ankles.

He spoke within her mind. “Coira, what are you doing?

Coira didn’t respond but turned to face him, the fabric shuffling and twisting in the snow. She stood a distance away, but he could see the steel and determination in her gaze. He could also see the flagon of whisky clutched loosely in her hand.

He went to step forward but she shook her head. “I needed time alone. Is that too much to ask?”

William watched her newfound magic ignite, glow around her─a silver haze the color of mist and moonlight. He didn’t move but waited. “’Tis not so much to ask for, if we were not at war.”

We are not at war, William! Are we?” Her gaze shifted, covered the sky, the land, and his face in one sweep.

Damn Ferchar for giving her that whisky. What had he hoped to accomplish? William held his ground. His words were as wrought with double meaning as hers. “We are not at war, lass. Not quite yet.”

She sipped again from the whisky. “Go to hell. Leave me be.”

But she didn’t turn away.

William decided upon logic. “You’re nearly bluttered, Coira.”

“And what of it?” She took another sip and wiped her mouth with her sleeve, making a wide swipe with her arm. “Do I not deserve to be after all of this? After you!”

He moved with a lightning speed born of magic until he stood in front her. “You deserve a hundred flagons of whisky, if ’tis your desire after all of this, but not now.”

Head tilted back, she narrowed her eyes at him. “But now is now, is it not, William? Now is a mere day before we might die. Before war. Why do you push me away? No. Don’t answer that; you’ve your reasons, I’m sure. Perhaps you don’t want to become more attached to me before I die. Or you die!”

No more. William stopped the endless stream of words with his mouth. He pushed hard against her lips, hoping she would fight him so that he could let her know she had no choice. That he had no choice. But she didn’t. Her hands came up, encased his face, and sweetly deepened the exchange.

He’d been strong until this point. Well in control of his emotions. The urgency of her soft lips snapped his determination in half, made a mockery of his good intentions. He’d endured the horrible need and want night after night as she had, but knew Adlin was right. His final decision─if it came to it─must be for his clan, not her.

Her small hands found their way beneath his cloak, up under his tunic and stroked each muscle. She whispered, urged, pleaded. Her body quivered against his. Sharply reminded him of how she shook upon release, completion. What if she died? What if he did? William needed to feel her sleek heat once more. Groaning, he pulled Coira closer, lifted her, and walked forward until her back pressed against the flat surface of the boulder.

*Be sure to pop in often as I have a few treats up my sleeve between now and the start of my Sizzlin' Hot Heroes of Scotland, Ireland, England & Wales blog event starting July 5th!*


Beth Caudill said...

Congrats on the release.

Sky Purington said...

Thanks, Beth!

Hywela Lyn said...

Congratulations on your new release Sky. Sylvan's Mist is a fantastic story and a worthy addition to the other two in the Mac'Lomain series.

Wishing you many, many happy sales!

Autumn Jordon said...

Congrats on your new release.


Carol L. said...

Congrats Sky on your release. Wow, I love this series. There is nothing better then a Highlander in a kilt..sigh...
I love how you added your family names to your story. What an amazing legacy for your child/children.
Thanks for sharing.
Carol L.

Sky Purington said...

Hywela, Autumn & Carol, thanks SO much for swinging in and congratulating me! I'm so excited this book is finally available.

*Sky's doing the happy dance!*


Beverly said...


Beverly said...

Hey there – just wanted to stop by all the blogs I am following to say hi and check out what’s up! Nice Pick! Stop by The Wormhole and say hi! Happy reading!

Sky Purington said...

Thank you so very much, Beverly!


Sky Purington said...
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