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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Darkest Memory

I am thrilled. Why you ask? Well, I've been busy finishing my latest vampire tale and 'wow' it's going extremely well! The stars have realigned themselves, the moon is where is where it needs to be, Venus is in my favor and my creativity is flowing.

A HUGE 'thank you' to ladyvampire2u and Dena, your words and advice meant the world to me. It was so great to hear your feedback!

When and if this story makes publication it will be titled, "Darkest Memory."

Eyes peeled and as always, fingers crossed! Let's see if I can pull it off!

Hugs all,

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Chicks of Characterization said...

Hey you! I know you can pull it off, I mean really, if I can write a story about a Vietnam soldier and nurse when my mind is always on that man in a kilt, :O) then you can definitely do it!! I cannot wait to read it!!!! Keep up the good work, and may the stars all align for you- and would you please make a wish for me?? Would you please wish upon that star that I can finish Edits on my Vietnam story and stopping tearing apart every little detail? :O) I would be enternally grateful!!!