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Thursday, July 3, 2008

July 3rd. Christmas in July! Blog Event. Fate's Monolith.

July 3rd: Christmas in July! Blog Event. (Participating Bloggers listed to the right)

I’d like to start by saying, "Thank you!!!!" to everyone that stopped by yesterday and offered such fantastic feedback about The King’s Druidess with your entries!

So I bet you’re wondering who won yesterday’s contest? (Irish Jig plays a snappy tune in the background) Congratulations to Michelle, you won! Please contact me at Skypurington@live.com to receive your prizes!

Back to business. As you know it’s excerpt week here at my blog. Today’s is from Fate’s Monolith, the first novel in my Scottish Trilogy. Mind you, I debated long and hard on the excerpt to put forth but decided on this one because it was the moment when Adrianna let go of herself and felt Iain for the first time. So sit back and enjoy. Ah yes, the prize for today is a $5 Gift Certificate to The Wild Rose Press and a free download of Fate's Monolith. For a chance to win today’s prize just leave a comment telling me what Iain’s hand cupped the back of. (Wide grin, not nearly as dirty as it sounds!) Don't forget to check back tomorrow to see who won and of course, swing by my fellow bloggers listed to the right to win more prizes!


“I will dance with my wife now, cousin.” Iain’s tone left no room for debate.

“But of course, my laird,” Malcolm said. A thin grin turned half his mouth up and the other half down.

Arianna was tossed from one man to the other.

Relieved to be free of Malcolm’s grasp she found herself in a far more dangerous one.

“Are you enjoying yourself?” Iain had seen her disappear into the throng of people with Malcolm. Ready to commit murder, he watched the two cling to each other. He would deal with his cousin later, his wife now.


“Is Malcolm to your liking?” No wife of his would behave this way.

“He’s nice enough.”

“Nice enough? What do you mean by that?” Iain tightened his hold on her.

“I mean that he’s nice enough but I’m glad that I’m not dancing with him anymore,” Arianna said.

Iain was at a loss for words. It seemed he may have misinterpreted things.

“Are you jealous?” Arianna’s heart paused.

Iain slid his hand down her back. “No.”

“No?” Her body reacted when his hand slid even lower.

“No.” He pulled her lower half against him.

“No.” This time she gasped the word against his chest. Now Arianna understood why she couldn’t open the barn door for Aunt Marie; and what Edward had meant when he’d said he was aroused! She closed her eyes, breath irregular.

Iain’s other hand cupped the back of her neck, beneath her hair. He moved slower. The man could dance. His head lowered and nuzzled the side of her neck.

Ripples of pleasure washed over her. Was she still saying no?

“I never imagined…” He whispered in her ear. “This.”

When his lips met her neck she shivered. A new sensation swallowed her.



“I, I’m not, I, this is…I.” What was she saying?

He silenced her with his mouth. With his hand still on the back of her neck he guided her. Nothing was real anymore when he made her lips his.

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Thanks for playing!


Zulmara said...

wow...love the last line...nothing was real...

great excert...powerful writing...



Chicks of Characterization said...

Ian cupped the back of Arianna's neck. :O)


blessedheart said...

Iain’s hand cupped the back of her neck.

I love Scottish romances! Great excerpt!

God Bless,
Rhonda :-)

Anonymous said...

The back of her neck, beneath her hair. what a nice and hot excerpt!s

Drea said...

=) Her neck.

Kimberly B. said...

He cups his hand around the back of her neck. Thanks!

Jane said...

Iain's hand cupped the back of Arianna's neck.

Estella said...

I enjoyed the excerpt.
Iain's hand cupped the back of her neck.

danetteb said...

He cupped the back of her neck.

Sweet excerpt :)

Hugs, Danette

Michelle said...

Always like a good Scottish man especially when he is wearing a kilt.

Dena said...

Hi Sky, I enjoyed the excerpt. I love Scottish stories and Fate's Monolith sounds really good. Iain's hand cupped the back of Arianna's neck.