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Friday, July 4, 2008

CHRISTMAS IN JULY! Blog Event (Destiny's Denial)

July 4th: Christmas in July! Blog Event. (Participating bloggers listed to the right)

Happy Fourth of July!!!

For those returning thanks so much for all of your lovely comments yesterday (blush). For those of you just tuning in this week’s all about excerpts from different stories I’ve written.

Before I go any further I’d bet you’d like to know who won yesterday’s contest. (Crowd waits with baited breath) And the winner is Kimberly b.!!! Congratulations, Kimberly. Please contact me at Skypurington@live.com to collect your prizes.

Now we’re on to book two in my Scottish Trilogy, Destiny’s Denial. This story is a personal favorite for many reasons. The medieval brooding hero, the modern day heroin, the list is endless. To win a chance at today’s prize, a $5 Gift Certificate to The Wild Rose Press and a free digital copy of Destiny’s Denial, leave a comment telling me what color the little flecks in his blue eyes are!

Please check back tomorrow to see who the winner is. All winners must contact me at Skypurington@live.com. Don’t forget to visit the five other participating bloggers for a chance to win more prizes!


“I didn’t realize I was doing anything to your men or otherwise.” She took a step back as he took a step forward.

“Unlikely,” he said.

“Why do you doubt me? You don’t know me.” He had her backed up another step.

“I know enough about you just by watching your actions.”

Both his tone and assumption annoyed her. Blast his ice blue eyes. She wanted to look away but that would be giving in. “And I you.”

“It’s unwise to compare us.” He almost had her against the wall between the room of claymores and battle-axes. “But if I were to humor you, what do you mean by that?”

Ah, she had gained ground. “Just that my appreciation for the male species is obviously equivalent to yours for the female.”

One corner of his lip pulled up and his eyes flickered over her face until they landed on her lips. “You could only be referring to Emma.”

Caitlin willed the fire from her face even as it flooded in. She was as transparent as a newly cleaned window. “I’m referring to the fact that I have as much right to entertain a man as you do a woman.”

His hands fell to the wall on either side of her head and Caitlin’s breath switched pace. What was he doing? She could duck beneath his arm and escape but would again give him the upper hand. His leaned so close she could make out the little flecks of silver caught in his eyes.

“Our situations are very different,” he whispered.

His luscious mouth was within inches of hers and the nearness of his heat began melting the muscles so crucial to holding her legs up. She suddenly rethought things. It’d be best to move away from him. Caitlin sprung into action and dipped to move under his arm.

Too late, the skin on their arms touched. That was all it took.

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Zulmara said...

Little flecks of silver...what a beautiful excerpt...very interesting...



Drea said...

Ohhhh, that would be silver. Very nice.

Jane said...

The little flecks were silver.

Estella said...

Great excerpt!
The little flecks were silver

Anonymous said...

My answer is silver. Caitlin is a very lucky girl, it seems.

Michelle said...

Hey, Happy 4th or is that Merry 4th...LOL. Love when the alpha male comes up against the female with strong opinions on equality.