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Monday, April 12, 2021

Love dragons? Brand new shifter romance! #PNR

Hi there! Hope you enjoyed last month’s historical romance release, To Tame the Lyon because I’m back with another hot-off-the-press read! This time I'm swinging the pendulum back to time travel fantasy romance as my Viking Ancestors launch a brand new series.  

The children born of Viking Ancestors: Rise of the Dragon are all grown up and, like their predecessors, fighting to save their people once again. Where my previous Viking series brought fated mates back together life after life, Forged in Fire brings them together for the very first time. So not as much backstory but plenty of plot. 

The series begins with Leviathan and Destiny, who some may know from previous stories. I first ‘met’ Leviathan in Rise of the Dragon and have been dying to write his tale ever since. Little did I know his heroine would come on scene in The MacLomain Series: End of an Era nor that they would take me on such an adventure! No worries, though. You don’t need to read the previous stories to understand this one. It stands alone. Definitely a must-read for those who enjoy shifters, action-packed time travel, and sizzling hot romance. 

Buy Leviathan http://mybook.to/LeviathanForgedinFire 

Pre-order Dagr (Book 2)→ http://getbook.at/Dagr 


About the Book 

Fated mates caught in a wicked love triangle...

Maya always knew she was meant to travel through time to help humanity in some unknown way. She would never have guessed it was to keep them safe from warring gods. Nor that she would straddle two worlds, caught between life and death, her only hope a Viking from the distant past she craves but can't have. A dragon prince with too dark a lineage.

Determined to make Maya his, Dagr Sigdir heads to the twenty-first century only to discover she's half immersed in Helheim, the Norse Underworld. Son to its ruler and certain he's her fated mate, Dagr's the only one who can free her from its dark hold. Or so he thinks until someone far more challenging than mere death stands in his way. His closest friend and brother-in-arms, Thorulf. 

Will Dagr step aside if Thorulf and Maya are destined to be together? Or will he fight to claim his mate and risk his people's safety? After all, if Maya doesn't end up with the dragon meant for her, they won't harness the power needed to battle the deities. Find out as Dagr, Maya and Thorulf embark on a mystical super-steamy adventure for the ages.


As dumbfounded as she’d been when she saw it from afar, Destiny looked up at the castle towering over her. It wasn’t a typical Viking structure but something more sinister yet somehow alluring. Blackened wall walks curved around dozens of towers, and spires shot toward the sky.

“Though he calls it the Realm’s, welcome to what everyone calls Leviathan’s Keep behind his back,” Freya informed. “Because he does so much for us. Gives us safe harbor.” She grinned. “He built it to Múspellsheimr standards to make its dragons feel welcome. All dragons, for that matter.” She glanced at Leviathan with pride. “It’s seen many battles over the years as dragons grew into their own, but in the end, it’s always been a place of resolution and accord. A place where dragons can act like themselves among their own kind.”

“Impressive.” She meant it too. This place was something else.

She eyed people as they made their way toward an ancient-looking grand staircase leading to a behemoth door flagged by massive torches. Though everyone looked normal enough, Viking to the bone, she could feel the fluctuating animalistic energy in the air. Leviathan nodded to many in passing but said little, his expression hard though his eyes were cordial enough.

“It’s safe, but he still doesn’t want them out here, does he?” she murmured. “He’s worried about them.”

“Every hour of every day of every year,” Freya said softly. “Endlessly.” Her knowing gaze slid Destiny’s way. “Not many see that so clearly.” She considered her. “Or better put, feel it.”

“My necklace then?” Destiny hadn't missed the shocked glances that went from her face to her collar. Again, she felt the urge to yank it off, declaring her independence, and again, just as swiftly, wanted it right where it was.

“You know better than to ask me that.” Freya stuck close, making it clear to all they were allies. Friends despite having just met. “You knew him better than most before I put that necklace on you.”

“Perhaps,” she murmured, but Freya was right. Whatever had happened between them had bonded them together in a way she knew damn well he struggled with. She struggled with.

Yet it had happened.

Was part of them.

And it was locking them together more readily than a collar ever could.

The inside of the castle took her breath away with its stark, towering, regal yet gothic beauty. A massive octagonal great hall led to several long, spiraling staircases going in different directions, rising up so high she wondered if there were an end in sight. Endless cathedral-like stained glass windows depicting sweeping dragons were made more magnificent by the shimmering ash beyond.

“Look at this place,” she whispered in awe, not sure what to admire first.

Four behemoth hearths hosted roaring fires, and huge bowls of fire hung like chandeliers as high as the eye could see. The air smelled of smoke, lust, and roasting meat.

“It used to reek of sulfur too,” Freya said out of the corner of her mouth, “but Leviathan whipped things into shape and taught this bunch how to get their dragon breath under control.”

She bit back a smile. “Glad to hear that.”

Everyone might appear Viking with fur cloaks and pagan looks, but there was no mistaking the fire flaring in many a cat-like eye. Dragons peered back at her with such strong curiosity she knew her collar had made a big impact.

Where Leviathan had remained in front of them to this point, now he fell in beside Destiny. Not to introduce her but rather, from what she could tell, to claim his territory. There was no grand introduction that a time traveler had arrived but rather a pointed sweep from his stormy gaze, lingering on select group of males before he gestured that she follow him.

“Seriously?” she said under her breath to Freya. “Was that Leviathan’s way of welcoming me?”

“Yes.” Freya chuckled and linked arms with her, again making it clear to all they were friends. “And I’ve never seen him do it. Not once with anyone.” She winked. “Let alone a woman branded by his scale.”

“Ah, so that’s the official name for wearing this around my neck?” She snorted. “Sounds like ownership if I didn’t know better.”

“But you do know better,” Freya reminded. “You know this is all for show because you and Leviathan don’t do forever.”


Buy Leviathan http://mybook.to/LeviathanForgedinFire

 Pre-order Dagr (Book 2) http://getbook.at/Dagr



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