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Wednesday, May 6, 2020

The Grand Highlander Finale! #Romance

The grand finale is almost here! It’s hard to believe the last two books in what’s become a “MacLomain Universe” at Goodreads, are now available. Back when I first ‘met’ the characters from the original series in 2007, I had no idea four more generations spanning from 1199 to 1346 would follow eager to tell their stories. They did, though, and it’s been an amazing ride!

But alas, all good things must come to an end so 27 Scottish MacLomain books later, it’s time to say goodbye. (not to say spin-off series aren’t coming- think MacLeod dragons and Hamilton wizards ;-)) First, however, the MacLomains need closure. That means completing their latest good-vs-evil quest to save Scotland and finally discovering what influenced the ‘creation’ of Adlin MacLomain in Ireland centuries before.   

That said, the last two books in my End of an Era series are now available for pre-order!

A Scot’s Favor (Book 4)

 A passionate enemies-to-lovers tale rife with haunting intrigue and unholy secrets.

Determined to save his wolf from a trap and confront his enemy, Ethyn MacLomain travels from fourteenth-century Scotland to twenty-first-century New Hampshire only to find the unexpected. He was the one lured into a trap. Now his destiny is inexplicably tied to another. His soul not entirely his own.

Will Ethyn and his destined Broun be able to break the spell that both binds them together yet keeps them apart? The price they paid for forbidden love long ago? Or will the curse that’s held them hostage for centuries mark the beginning of a dark end? Find out in A Scot’s Favor, a fast-paced quest to save Berwick-Upon-Tweed and free love long held under siege.

A Scot’s Retribution (Book 5)

Will a noble warrior find solace in the arms of the lass he has loved since the beginning? Or is his soul already damned and the fate of Scotland doomed? Find out in A Scot's Retribution, the steamy edge-of-your-seat epic conclusion of the entire MacLomain series.

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