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Saturday, December 28, 2019

Pirates Anyone? #HistoricalRomance

Fun news! I’ve contributed two new pirate novellas to separate multi-author boxed sets. I tried something brand new with these and wrote sister stories (literally). Both are rescue missions, each following a different couple. Two sisters with two brothers. A few scenes cross over, but the adventures are markedly different.

These are strictly historical romance and unrelated to any of my previous series (not to say they might not lead to another series down the line) Fans of the Golden Age of Piracy and Colonial America might enjoy these. The year is 1717, the settings Nassau, Yorktown, Virginia all the way up to the Massachusetts Bay Colony. The heroines are Virginian Southern Belle's, the heroes Englishmen.

Find Rescued by Passion here→ viewbook.at/OnceUponAPirate

Find Taken by Sin here→ viewbook.at/PiratesPassionPlunder

Rescued by Passion is available in Once Upon a Pirate Boxed Set (steamy romance)

About the Set

Sixteen all-new swashbuckling historical romances.

As perilous battles, treachery and revenge give way to sinful kisses, no heart is safe.
Set sail to the lush heat of the Tropics, the storm-tossed Northern realms, the wild Barbary Coast, and the hazardous waters of the South Seas, for tales of scandalous adventure and smouldering desire.

Masterful pirate lords.
Courageous heroines.

Defying danger in pursuit of all-consuming love.
Matching wits to claim the greatest treasure of all.

About Rescued by Passion

Captured by pirates and auctioned off by Blackbeard, Rose is rescued by the man who abandoned her. Aware she possesses a priceless family heirloom, privateer turned pirate, Thomas saves the woman who betrayed him. Will they be able to navigate their turbulent past and stay one step ahead of those pursuing? Find out on their high-sea, passionate adventure.

Find Rescued by Passion here→ viewbook.at/OnceUponAPirate

Taken by Sin is available in Pirates, Passion and Plunder Boxed Set (erotic romance)

About the Set…

Warning : Bodices will be ripped!

What's a lady to do when she's boarded by ruthless brigands and barbarous buccaneers, kidnapped on the lawless High Seas?

Stripped to the skin by piercing eyes.
Captive and claimed by rough, strong hands.
She knows it's forbidden but how can she resist... a pirate's pleasure.

Prepare for hair-raising shenanigans.
Pirates make their own rules.

Discover seventeen wicked historical romances, in 'Pirates, Passion and Plunder'
Enter if you dare...

About my Story

Captured by Blackbeard and tied to a bed in a brothel, Hannah awaits the inevitable only to be rescued by a man with whom she shared a forbidden past. Eager to exact his revenge for Hannah's taunting missives, privateer turned pirate Luke saves her. Will they manage their dark lust while defeating the foe? Find out on the wild seas of their sinful, indecent adventure.

Find Taken by Sin here→ viewbook.at/PiratesPassionPlunder

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