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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Romance on the High Seas! The Sea Hellion. #mustread

Ahoy Mateys! It’s that time again. Another pirate romance has arrived! For those of you who read The Seafaring Rogue (Pirates of Britannia) last year, my pirate crew has returned. This time we’re following Elspeth’s brother, Douglas MacLauchlin and his long lost love, Sorcha on their high seas adventure. This one was so much fun to write. Of course, Douglas was a cunning pirate hero and Sorcha? Ca-razzy but verra entertaining. ;-)

I’ll be at Historical Harlots’ FB page from 1-1:30 PM EST today chatting up The Sea Hellion if you want to stop by. Expect a few Amazon gift card giveaways. Contests end May 29th, 2019 12 PM EST. Hope to see you there!

All right then, for all ye pirate fans, batten down the hatches and ready yer sea legs, ‘tis going to be a wild ride! Happy Reading! Xo

About the Book

Determined to reap revenge and save crewmates taken by ruthless pirate Antoine Basille, Sorcha has no choice but to seek help from the scoundrel who broke her heart, Cap'n Douglas "Hellion" MacLauchlin. When Douglas agrees, it's on his terms, done his way. She will become his meek captive so they can gain access to Hebrides Cove where Antoine awaits.  

Will they be able to fool their cunning nemesis and get back not just stolen treasure but the imprisoned crew? Or will their depraved foe see through their charade? Find out as Cap'n Douglas, and his feisty pirate lass navigate a turbulent but passionate adventure that reignites long denied love. 

Amazon US→  https://amzn.to/2E7OXzO

Amazon Universal→ getbook.at/TheSeaHellion

FREE in Kindle Unlimited.


She made her way into his cabin, plunked down behind his desk, and rested her feet on its surface. The space was clean enough with dark furnishings and very little opulence to speak of. But then that was Douglas. Nowhere near being showy, but a simple sort that clearly didn’t surround himself with his success. 

Her eyes drifted to his less-than-perfectly made bed at odds with his perfectly maintained ship. How many women had he had on that? Plenty she supposed. Lord knows she had put her own cabin and bed to good use. Bored already, she sighed and tried to open a few desk drawers, but they were locked. Fully prepared for such, she pulled a pin from her hair, bent it just right, carefully slid it into the drawer, then turned slowly before, click, it unlocked.

Eager to rifle through his things and see what he had been up to, she started to slide out the drawer only for the cabin door to swing open. When Douglas’s eyes found her, he shook his head.

“Och, I knew leaving ye alone in here for a moment was a moment too long,” he groused, then ordered her to the bed.

She perked her brows, surprised and more than a wee bit aroused by this turn of events. Not that she would let him see as much.

“I thought we had come to an understanding,” she replied. “Now ye think to lie with me?”

“Nay, lass.” Rope at the ready, he rested his hands on the desk across from her and narrowed his deep-set eyes. “But I do intend to keep ye out of trouble.” The corner of his mouth curled up in challenge. “So either ye get on my bed on yer own, or I’ll put ye there.”

She frowned at the rope, then the ring in the wall above his bed before she glared at him. “Ye wouldae.”

“But I would.” The look in his eyes was telling. “And I will.”

“’Tis not necessary for me to play the part of yer captive until we get closer to the cove,” she argued, then relented because it was clear by the set of his strong jaw that he meant business. “Fine, then I willnae snoop through yer things if ‘twill put ye in such a huff.”

“Ye will though.” He pointed at the bed. “Besides, ‘twill do ye good to practice being a prisoner.” She swore a twinkle lit his eyes. “Now that ye’ve mastered how to be meek, ‘tis time to practice what is coming yer way at the cove.”

“Och, nay,” she began, but it was too late. Far faster than she expected, he had her over his shoulder, then flopped down on the bed. She fought him, muttering, “bloody hell ye will,” the whole time, but he was quicker than her, and had her wrists tied off to the ring in no time.

Amazon US→  https://amzn.to/2E7OXzO
Amazon Universal→ getbook.at/TheSeaHellion

FREE in Kindle Unlimited.