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Friday, August 31, 2018

Time Travel Romance. Her Mysterious Highlander @JennaeVale

Today I’m thrilled to celebrate Jennae Vale’s latest release, Her Mysterious Highlander. Congratulations Jennae!! For those of you who love awesomely written time travel romance, be sure to check this one out!

About the Book

An outsider in two worlds, Taegen Boideach has learned to navigate through life by hiding his true identity. Although his mother is the queen of the elves, he is also half human and as such has been banished from their world to live a solitary life among people who would reject him if they knew his true identity.

Merry has lived a privileged life as a Mackall, where she's been protected and sheltered from the outside world. She's beginning to feel the need to spread her wings. Her attraction to the mysterious Taegen is the first step in Merry's determining her own path, but he's resistant and she doesn't understand why. New to love and its complications, Merry refuses to give up on him even as they approach imminent danger.

On a quest to save Scotland, Merry and Taegen are in the eye of the storm as they work together to destroy the Twin Sword and its maker, an evil sorcerer. Will they be successful in their quest? With the help of their elf and human companions, it's possible only if they can all learn to trust and accept each other, but old prejudices and preconceived notions may stand in the way of their success.

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Taegen Boideach rode alongside the Queen of the Elves. Evil was infecting the clans again and needed to be stopped. It would take nearly a week to reach their destination, and then he would put himself in danger while his mother, Anania, used her magic to control the evil sorcerer Ariweth. He was confident in her ability, she was the one that locked Ariweth in a cave all those years ago after all, but he did not share her power. He was only half elf, and thus did not possess magic like the rest of that kind.

She had arrived at Sinclair Castle, where he was a captain in the teulu, and asked for his help. They had never been close. Taegen was raised by humans and lived his entire life away from the elves at the command of the council. But she had said she needed him. He didn’t think it was possible for Anania to need anyone. She was strong and aloof, a queen in control of all that she saw at all times. He would not have refused her, she was his mother in addition to being the queen, but her vulnerability in that moment touched him and so despite the peril they would face he agreed to accompany her and do whatever was necessary to see their mission to a successful end. 

The elves that traveled with them did not approve. They knew who he was but did not welcome him. Judgment and contempt placed an invisible wall between them. He didn’t feel the need to break down that barrier. He didn’t care what they thought of him. It was his mother he was concerned about. He would protect her from Ariweth when the time came and he would protect her from these elves if there ever came a time when they might challenge her right to be queen. He glanced over to Anania in all her regal finery. She was every bit the queen and no one seeing her could ever deny it. She smiled warmly at him. A smile reserved only for him and never shared with others.

“We will stop first at Dunaill and visit with the Mackall Clan,” she said.

A vision of Merry Mackall came immediately to mind.  The thought of seeing her was good for his soul. He hadn’t seen her in months although she’d much been on his mind. He would look forward to that part of the journey, at least. Yes, seeing her would be a boon, but disconcerting at the same time. They had become friends, of a sort, when she visited the Sinclairs a few months ago. Her sister was now married to the laird. She had been the brightest spot in his life. He wasn’t worthy to even be her friend and it would be best to keep his distance, but that hadn’t stopped her from appearing in his dreams. She wasn’t here with him now and so his mind was free to imagine what it would be like to see her again, to hold her…

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