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Friday, April 28, 2017

Cover Reveal! Her Wounded Dragon. #vikings #shifters

Hello, all!! I'm thrilled to share that I've been invited into an amazing Kindle World by a top-notch author. I’ll be contributing to awesome NY Times bestselling author Milly Taiden’s, PDA Kindle World. I love Milly’s style of writing, so I’m super proud to be part of this. She’s got a tight, fast-moving, alluring ‘voice’ when it comes to penning a story. Love it! My kind of writer. So I’m thrilled to hop on board and join her Kindle World.

Now it’s time to think Gerri Wilder and her Paranormal Dating Agency (they’re a crucial part of every PDA story. Gerri mostly because she’s ten types of awesome. J). Milly’s work is the best of the best in the world of shifters, so you guessed it, I’ve written a Viking Ancestors’ Kin tale just for this! 

Coming June 1st, here’s a sneak peek at the cover of Her Wounded Dragon (Viking Ancestors’ Kin, Book 4.5). Though you don’t need to read this to follow the main Kin saga, it’s FULL of juicy details. Not to mention it features a hero that will blow everyone away. Did I mention he’s the Winter Harbor sisters’ long lost brother? *grins* And yes, the enemy is still Hallstein. ;-)

Here’s an idea of what to expect from Her Wounded Dragon…

Curiosity is a dangerous thing and temptation a death wish. Especially for someone like Vivienne with her complicated past and closely guarded secrets. Yet when she has a chance to get near the enemy because of a sexy dragon shifter haunting her dreams, she doesn’t think twice. Even if it means seeking out a paranormal dating agency and tagging along incognito to scope him out as her best friend goes on a date with him.

Kage knows within minutes of meeting Vivienne that she isn’t who she pretends to be. As the right hand man of the enemy, it’s his job to figure out if she’s a threat. More so, if she’s a risk to his hidden agenda and well laid plans. Soon enough, he realizes the only danger she poses is to his hardened heart. After all, there’s no defense against the scorching desire dragons feel when they find their long lost mate.

Interested in learning more about Milly Taiden and her PDA series? Click the links below.

Milly’s PDA: http://amzn.to/2p93HHN

Join Milly Taiden’s PDA Kindle World FB Group: http://bit.ly/2ppgMuW 

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