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Friday, February 19, 2016

Time Travel Romance. Her Trusted Highlander (The Mackalls of Dunnet Head) by Jennae Vale.

Today I’m super excited to feature newly released, Her Trusted Highlander-The Mackalls of Dunnet Head by Jennae Vale. An awesome book by a fantastic author! 


Katriona Hughes has no idea how she’s managed to find herself in 16th century Scotland, but she’s beginning to think the emerald gem she picked up on an archeological site may have had something to do with it. Wanting nothing more than to return to her own time, Kat is betrayed by the first person she meets and forced into a marriage with a loathsome stranger. Now running for her life, Kat meets the one man who deserves her trust, but can she give it to him.

Nick Mackall is happy to finally be back in his beloved Scotland after accidentally being transported to twenty first century San Francisco and spending the last two years of his life there. His home and family are calling to him, but things are not about to go smoothly for the handsome highlander as he meets a young woman fleeing her husband and an old foe returns from the dead. Two things are certain - he must gain the woman’s trust in order to save her and he must stop his foe from unleashing the power of an imprisoned sorcerer. 

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The dappled light shining through the trees was angled such that he knew it would soon disappear and he’d be forced to spend yet another night camping here in these woods.  The days were shorter at this time of year and the sun set earlier and earlier every day.  Sizing up the situation, Nick decided he’d ride a bit further before finding a spot to set up camp.  He had enough food to last him until he reached home, and the thought of all the work involved in creating a shelter and a fire to keep warm, had him rethinking his decision to ride on.  If he stopped now, he’d still reach home by nightfall tomorrow.  He drew his horse to a stop and surveyed his surroundings.  Noting some fallen tree branches he could use to create a shelter on a relatively dry patch of ground convinced Nick this would be a good place to spend the night.

As he prepared to dismount, Laoch spooked, jumping and planting all four hooves firmly on the ground, ready to run.  Nick whispered soft, calming words and stroked his steed’s tense neck.  Pricked straight forward, his horse’s ears were an indicator of the direction the perceived threat was coming from.  Sitting as quietly as possible, Nick searched for the source of his horse’s anxiety, his eyes taking in every inch of the wooded area around him.  He listened closely for anything out of the ordinary and then he heard it, the sounds of a horse galloping his way and shortly he saw both horse and rider barreling in his direction.  The rider continuously looked behind as if being chased.  Nick was prepared to take action should he need to, but patience was best in these situations.  Why react before he knew exactly what he was reacting to.  As the rider approached, Nick realized it was a woman.  She had a determined expression on her face as she crouched low over her horse’s neck, charging directly at him.  Nick placed his horse squarely in her way in an effort to stop her.  If she needed help, he was sure he could assist her, no matter what she was fleeing from.  Her golden hair caught the last glimmers of light as they filtered through the trees and he saw that she wore no cloak for warmth.  She would freeze to death when she stopped to rest.  There were no villages or crofts anywhere in this area where she could seek refuge.  He knew because he had just ridden an entire day without seeing another soul.

As the woman galloped closer, Nick waved his arms in the air to catch her attention.  She didn’t notice as she was focused on whoever was chasing her.  Her horse, however, came to a screeching halt, tossing his head in the air and then rearing.  The rider, unprepared, tumbled to the ground cursing much like the women Nick had known in San Francisco. 

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