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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Elegant. Outstanding. A Cut Above the Rest. Bess McBride has Done it Again.

I hope everyone is doing well. Forgive me for being off the radar for quite a while. The holidays kept me very busy. Nonetheless, something has come to my attention that I wanted to share. A scrumptious bit that no Scottish time travel romance reader will want to miss. 

Did you know Bess McBride has pre-released book two in her ‘My Laird’s Castle’ series? That’s right, My Laird’s Love is available for preorder now! So if you love sweeping Scottish romance as much as I do, check this out…

Maggie Scott, having recently lost her fiancĂ© to a terminal illness, travels to the Highlands of Scotland for a brief respite—from the arduous months of caring for a sick loved one, from the grief that now engulfs her. 

But instead of finding solace, she finds herself transported back in time to 1747, the year following Culloden, a year that saw the Highlands suffer in the aftermath of the Jacobite Rebellion. 

James Livingstone, laird of Castle Stonie, survived Culloden, and by a miracle, he survived the purge of the lairds who participated in the rebellion. When Maggie comes into his lonely life, it seems as if another miracle has occurred—that of love. 

But tragedy strikes just as James and Maggie find each other, and Maggie races against the clock to save the man she loves. Can James truly ask for one more miracle?  

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Unknown said...

Love the book! Love the writer! If you haven't read this one, get it now!

Unknown said...

Thank you, Sky! What a sweetie you are! :-)