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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Will His Touch Claim Her or Kill Her? Through His Touch by Deborah Camp.

Today I’m thrilled to welcome over Deborah Camp, author of Through His Touch, A Mind’s Eye Novel, Book Two, a Romantic Suspense/Paranormal.

Number of pages: 321 pages
Word Count:  87,862

Cover Artist: Cover to Cover Designs

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Book Description

Psychic Trudy Tucker would love . . .

 . . . to breach Levi Wolfe’s defenses and show him that his heart has nothing to fear from her.

Psychic Levi Wolf would love . . .

 . . . to protect Trudy’s gentle heart by keeping her away from his dark, treacherous past.

But is love enough when someone with a heart full of hate has chosen Trudy as the next one to die?

Through His Touch

Will his touch claim her or kill her?

Book Trailer

Time to Interview!

What inspired you to write this book?

This book has been kicking around in my head for 10 years! I have met several psychics and have known one in particular since I was a teenager. Therefore, the paranormal and mediums have fascinated me for a long time. However, I wanted to write about mediums in a real world sense as opposed to a “wooo-wooo” sense. I wanted to show how growing up psychic could be traumatizing and learning how to live with this kind of gift/talent could also be a huge challenge. The characters of Levi Wolfe and Trudy Tucker are complex and I have a lot of material in them that I can use, which is why I decided on a series – The Mind’s Eye series. Levi can communicate with the deceased and he has “place memory” too. Trudy, on the other hand, is a vessel in which a murderer, rapist, kidnapper, etc. can slip into so that she experiences what they’re experiencing in real time. This kind of clairvoyance is rare. So, between the two of them, they can deal with the perpetrator and the victims to solve crimes and track down evil-doers.

Tell us about your book cover and how it relates to your story.

The book cover has to do with the murders of women Levi knows. The girl on the photo is the first murder victim in the book. The tagline is: Will his love claim her or kill her? Someone is stalking Levi in the book and then a woman Levi has been involved with is murdered and Levi’s life goes into a tailspin.

Are you currently working on another story? If so, we’d love some details.

I’m working on the third book in the Mind’s Eye series. I’m outlining it now. After I finish it, I’m going to switch gears entirely and write another historical romance set in the west right after the Civil War. Then, if the Mind’s Eye series seems to be selling relatively well, I will write #4. The third book in the series will deal with Trudy’s life in Tulsa, Levi meeting her family, and Levi’s problems with his own father. The main plot revolves around the kidnapping of a child Trudy is working on.

What sort of personality does your hero have?

Levi is conflicted. He had a difficult childhood and grew up not being loved or appreciated. He was also abused as a child. He has a master’s degree in psychology and a degree in parapsychology. He’s smart, intense, sexy as hell, and as handsome as the devil. For all his outward appearance of having everything, inside he’s anything but confident. He feels broken. He’s been in therapy for several years, trying to dispel his phobias and be “normal.” Trudy is a beacon of hope for him. He learns how to love and be loved thanks to Trudy.

What sort of personality does your heroine have?

Trudy has always battled her psychic abilities. In the past few years, she has learned to channel them and use them to help people (and to make a living for herself through them). Earlier in her life, she even contemplated suicide because her “visions” were keeping her from sleeping, resting, and living a normal life. Through it all, however, she is a loving, caring, young woman with a smart mouth and sharp mind. She’s brave and desperately wants to help people by finding and stopping murderers, rapists, molesters, and kidnappers.
Tell us about your favorite writing environment. Is it indoors, outdoors, a special room, etc.

I use to write at my dining room table. Then I made an office out of the spare bedroom and I wrote there every day. When I moved to my present house, I converted the entire upstairs to office space/library. However, with laptops and tablets, I now write all over the place – the den, the living room, the dining room, the kitchen, the sun porch . . . oh, and sometimes I even work upstairs in my office! But not often.

It’s time to promo. What is your favorite marketing tool?

I do love Facebook and I’m on there every day. I like a good chuckle and I can always find one on Facebook and I enjoy sharing photos of hunky guys with my friends and followers. It’s also a good way to keep up with bloggers and find out what good books are coming out and find authors I haven’t read before (which is one of my favorite things to do!). I’m a new Pinterest convert. I use it as my novel scrapbook – putting photos there of my hero, heroine, other characters, clothing, their residences, their cars, etc. It’s a wonderful tool! It’s fun for my readers to go there and “see what I see.”

Are your book/books available in audio? In other languages? If so, give us more details about where we can get them and what languages they’re in.

Most of my books are available on Audible. The historical romances are especially good. My favorite one on Audible is “Fire Lily.” The narrator did a terrific job with it! My romances have all been published in other countries – Japan, Great Britain, Brazil, Germany, France, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Turkey, Greece, and many others.

How long have you been writing? How long have you been published?

I’ve been writing since I was in grade school. My major in college was journalism and I was a newspaper reporter before becoming a fulltime novelist. My first book was published in 1979. I have more than 45 titles in print.


Levi crossed his arms and tucked his hands in his armpits in a stance that was clearly defensive. “With all of that shit going on, no wonder I dreamed of the box again. I haven’t had a nightmare about that place in a long time.”

“What’s the box?” Trudy watched with growing concern as his face tightened, jaw muscles flexed, and his eyes clouded with turbulent memories.

“A root cellar. A small place. Standing up, you could extend your arms out from your sides and touch the walls. It was cool and damned cold in there at night.”

“Where was this?”

“The Missouri Ozarks. Out in the wilds. It was a school set up on an abandoned farm property. They’d turned the farmhouse into a dormitory and the barn into a school.” He made a scoffing sound. “Not that they provided much of an education. Mostly, we read and memorized the Bible. There were classes in literature, English, math, a little science and geography here and there, but that was about it.”

“How old were you when you went there?”

“Nine. When I arrived I had just turned nine. I left when I was almost eleven to go to a school in Wyoming.”

“Nine.” She took up her own defensive stance, hunching her shoulders and rubbing her hands up and down her arms. Thinking of him as a nine-year-old being carted off to a place where he was schooled in a barn made her skin break out in gooseflesh. “I don’t know how your parents could send their little boy away like that.”

He gave an indolent shrug that she didn’t buy for one second. “They were trying to chase the devil out of me.”

“Idiotic,” she murmured.

“They put us in the box when we were bad.” One corner of his mouth lifted fractionally. “And I was bad. Bad to the bone.”

“What do you do that was so terrible?” She couldn’t imagine any sane reason to put a child down into a hole.

“I refused to say that my father was right and that I was a liar.”

“About your psychic abilities,” she clarified. “So, it was a religious thing with your parents? They truly felt that your abilities were a sign of evil . . . of the devil?”

“That’s what my father thought . . . or that’s his story and he’s sticking to it.” A quick, half-smile flitted across his lips. “He’s an intelligent man, so I’ve always believed that he’s mainly intimidated by my abilities. He’s a classic narcissist. Therefore, it must be impossible for him to think that I can do things he can’t. As for my mother?” He gazed up at the stars and violet shadows caressed his achingly handsome face. “I don’t know. She probably wished I’d just tell my father what he wanted to hear and do what he said to do. That’s what she did. She went along with whatever shit he shoveled out.”

She wanted to touch him. No, she wanted to hold him, but she stood still as her heart constricted with pain for him. She wanted to cry, but she knew he didn’t want her tears, so she swallowed the burning ball of emotion in her throat. He was talking and she was grateful, but what he was saying was difficult to hear. His upbringing had been a long nightmare from which he couldn’t awaken – and he was just scratching the surface. That’s what bothered her more than anything. His traumas ran deep. Soul deep.

“And the box?” she asked in a whisper. “How long did they keep children in there?”

“An hour at first. Then hours. I graduated to all day and then to all day and all night. The nights were the worst. It was cold in there and black as pitch. That’s when the rats would come out.”

Trudy couldn’t stop the shudder that shook her from head to toes. She cleared her throat. “R-rats?”

“Big mother-fuckers. Of course, I was only a kid, so they seemed like they were the size of Volkswagens. I couldn’t see them, but I could hear them scurrying around and I could feel them. They’d run across my feet. One of them jumped on my shoulder and bit my neck. I screamed and screamed. Screamed my fucking lungs out that night.” He glanced at her from the corner of his eyes. “That’s why my voice is husky. I damaged my vocal chords. I couldn’t talk above a whisper for a couple of months after that and my voice never fully recovered.”

“I love your voice,” she said, the declaration lifting from her heart onto her lips.

“Really?” He shook his head and sent her a baffled grin. “I think I sound like a bad actor doing a commercial for sore throat lozenges.”

She shook her head and decided to allow her heart to keep talking. “Your voice matches the rest of you. Sexy as hell.”

His arms slipped down his body and his shoulders lost some of their stiffness. He held out a hand to her. “Come here, you.”

What Readers Have to Say About Deborah’s Books...

Too Tough to Tame

The book is funny and touching. I have read this book over 50 times already and I never get tired of it. Tess is so cute while Storm is strong and loving. They made a great couple.  -- Amazon review from Snowstar

“Through His Eyes” 5 star Amazon Review….

“This book is amazing, Deborah Camp has written one heck of a sexy thriller! How can you go wrong with two sexy psychics and a serial killer? Levi and Trudy both have abilities, Levi can talk to the departed and Trudy can see right into a killer’s mind. The question is how far can he see back into hers? Follow these two as they scorch the pages in the bedroom and the high octane roads it takes to catch the killer before Trudy is the next one on his list. These two are so hot, I thought I was going to have flames shoot out of my Tablet. That little hook at the end will have you waiting as impatiently as I am for the next Deborah Camp Novel.”-- Lia Hearn

Cheyenne's Shadow

One of the best romance novels I have ever read. There is excitement, sadness, and passion in this book. I know I have read this book at least five times since I bought it.
-- Amazon review by S. Ceballos

A Tough Man's Woman

I really enjoyed this book as it was one that kept you guessing most of the time.
-- Amazon review from Phyl

Lonewolf's Woman

Ah, fascinating to the last drop (or page). Highly recommended. Surely, a keeper!
-- Amazon review from M. Hartmann

Black-eyed Susan

I found it hard to put down. It made me realize how things were in those years (long before I was born). I looked for more books by the same author.
-- Amazon review from C. Schmidt

About the Author

Author of more than 40 novels, Deborah lives in Oklahoma. She has been a full-time writer since she graduated from the University of Tulsa. Her background as a reporter for newspapers helped her to write fast and enjoy research. After she sold her first few books, she quit newspaper work to become a freelance writer and novelist.

Deborah's first novel was published in the late 1970s and her books have been published by Jove, New American Library, Harlequin, Silhouette, and Avon. She has been inducted into the Oklahoma Authors Hall of Fame and she is a charter member of the Romance Writers of America. She is also a member of the Author's Guild. She was the first recipient of the Janet Dailey Award.

Through His Eyes (April, 2014) is her first romantic suspense book. It has paranormal elements and is erotic. It’s the first book in the Mind’s Eye series.

Through His Touch (September, 2014) is the second book in the Mind’s Eye series featuring psychic detectives Trudy Tucker and Levi Wolfe.

Lover of the west and the people who tried to tame it, Deborah likes to write about strong, independent women and the men who are their equals. She grew up on a diet of TV westerns which have served her well. Living in Oklahoma has also been a godsend. Since she appreciates men with devilish twinkles in their eyes, she likes to mix laughter in with the love scenes in her books.

Also widely published in non-fiction, she and writes and edits for a magazine focused on small businesses. Deborah taught fiction writing for more than 10 years at a community college. She has been a guest speaker at numerous writers’ conferences, including Romance Writers of America (RWA), Writers, Inc., and the Oklahoma Writers Federation, Inc. She has served as a judge in numerous writing contests throughout the United States and has judged manuscripts in RWA’s Golden Heart Awards and RITA Awards. She is currently working on her next historical romance set in the wild, wonderful west.

In 2012 her books were re-issued on Amazon for Kindle Direct and have attracted tens of thousands of new fans. Her books have made the Amazon bestseller list and “Too Tough To Tame” hit the #1 historical romance spot for Kindle Readers.

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