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Monday, June 2, 2014

For a Pirate, Nothing is Forbidden...Except Love. The Pirate Princess by Kary Rader.

Today it’s my pleasure to welcome over and interview, Kary Rader, author of The Pirate Princess, Reign of Light, Book One. This story is the perfect blend of genres including fantasy, supernatural, paranormal and romance. Sounds amazing! So sit back, relax and read on.

Publisher: Boroughs Publishing Group
Date of Publication: May 27th 2014
ISBN: 9781941260180
Word Count: 64,400

Book Description

For a pirate, nothing is forbidden...except love. To gain her freedom, Charlee must seduce the prince. To save the pirate, Prince Petra must win her heart. 


A handsome war hero, Prince Petra can have his pick of any lady in the kingdom. A man of virtue, he's saved himself for just the right one. But when the corrupt emperor of Isa Vis kidnaps a duke's daughter to force her into an alliance, Petra sacrifices himself—and his dreams of love—to save her. Betrothing himself to the distant captive, he leads a daring rescue across the stormy South Sea.

But The Light has other plans. On the voyage, Petra runs afoul of Charlee. Once a prisoner, now a pirate captain, the sultry siren holds him captive with more than just her sword. And when she offers a seductive wager—if he takes her body before they reach the City of Light, she wins absolution for her crimes—it is all he can do to hold firm. While he has every reason to bring Charlee to justice, he’s also finally found a woman he wants more than honor. And he can no more trust her than he can trust himself.

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Keynote:  To gain her freedom, Charlee must seduce the Prince Petra. To save the pirate, the prince must win her heart.

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Interview time!

What inspired you to write this book?

A question inspired me to write The Pirate Princess. I had just finished my first manuscript, Queen of Jastain, and my friend and crit partner was looking it over. She mentioned how she loved one of the secondary characters and she asked, “Is Petra going to get his HEA?”

After a fruitless Google search and an embarrassing email back to her I asked, “What the heck is an HEA?”

She replied, “Happily Ever After.”

And my mind whirled off on a pirate’s adventure, because if you were the most honest, most pure person, who would be your perfect match—A Pirate, of course. LOL 

How did you come up with the title?

My heroine is a pirate captain with royal roots. She is The Pirate Princess.

What made you choose the main setting for your book?
I’ve always loved the ocean and tropical settings. My husband and I loved to cruise before we had kids, and to me there’s no better place on Earth than the beach. I love the breeze and the salt water. I love the sun, the plants and I love the wildness of the ocean. It’s a force of nature that can be traveled but never tamed.

Tell us a little bit about the conflict in your story. 

The primary conflict in the story comes from Charlee, the heroine, has been betrayed by the men in her life. She’s sworn never to trust another, but Prince Petra has come to save Charlee. Unfortunately, for him to save her, he must earn her trust.

If you had to sell your book based on one run of dialogue (start quote to end quote), which would it be?

“I suggest nothing. I’m merely stating that if I were to make love to you—or any woman—I would require one thing.”

A smile grazed her lips as if she’d already won a hard-fought battle. “What, then, is your requirement?”

Petra softly captured her face with his hands and peered down into it, unblinking. “Your heart. Your whole heart.”

What sort of personality does your hero have?

Petra is a kind nurturing hero. He is loyal, strong and noble with a strength of character one in a thousand possess.

What sort of personality does your heroine have?

Charlee is strong, determined and misguided.

Did you enjoy writing one scene above all the rest? If so, share.

My favorite scene is the scene I wrote the book to write. It’s the payoff. And it comes at Charlee’s final turning point late in the story when she decides she not only must trust Petra, but that she, more than anything, wants to. I can’t give it away, but I hope you read the book and enjoy it as much as I did writing it.

Thanks again for having me, Sky!

My pleasure, Kary. Your book sounds wonderful!



“I’ll race you there.”

Charlee’s mind spun in a whirl. She’d never been one to resist a challenge, which Petra well knew. She’d also never been one to play fair.

She softly took his hand and allowed him to pull her up. As soon as he released her, she leaned toward him. His eyes widened and filled with desire. She let a playful smile touch her lips and licked the bottom one with her tongue. Petra sucked in a breath, but before he could make a move, she shoved him back in the sand and took off running as fast as she could, more laughter spilling from her lips—laughter conspicuously sounding like giggles.

She reached the west side of the pool at nearly the same time Petra crested the cliff of the falls. That sneaky prince had found an alternate route.

Their eyes met and locked. She took one step into the water as he dove from the cliff. Her breath caught in her throat. She froze for several heartbeats, the ripples from his splash washing over her toes. Then, out of nowhere, a strong arm rose in front of her, grabbed her leg and pulled her in. She screamed and tried to pull away.

He surfaced in front of her, his arms securely wrapped around her waist. She tried to push and wiggle free, but his arms locked around her more tightly. She tried to splash him, slap him and even butt him with her head, but he captured her hands. Their eyes met unguarded and full of passion. His warm body pressed against hers….

About the Author

Kary Rader is a part-time Twitter sage, stay-at-home mother of three, and slave to the characters and worlds inside her head. Always creative, she's drawn to stories with fantastical worlds and creatures. 

With a little bit of magic and divine guidance, there isn't anything that can't be accomplished with words. It's the power of words that creates and destroys. 

Vanquishing evil and injustice while finding eternal love in the process is all in a day's work. With the help of her critique partners and master cartographer imaginary places come to life.

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Thanks for hosting me today, Sky!

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You're very welcome, Kary! Wishing you much success. :-)

Hywela Lyn said...

Great interview Sky and Kary. Looking forward to having you on my own blog, on the 16th, Kary, and hving read your book, I have to agree, Petra is a wonderfully caring and noble hero!