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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Readers & Authors Connect at InD'tale! Interview with owner, TJ Mackay.

Today I’m totally thrilled to welcome over TJ Mackay, owner of InD’tale Magazine. As an author, I’ve worked with TJ on several projects including hiring her services for digital and print ads as well as InD’tale’s infamous Book Bargains flyer. Not only have I already seen awesome sales results but TJ’s truly phenomenal to work with. Friendly, courteous, upbeat and professional, she’s been an absolute pleasure. I can’t recommend her website and magazine enough for readers and authors. Such a great way for both to connect!

In that I’m such a fan of InD’tale, I’m determined to spread the word. So sit back, relax and read on!

SKY:  Thanks for joining us today, TJ! What inspired you to create InD’tale Magazine?

TJ: All the wonderful, talented Indie and small published authors who were struggling to find a voice in this huge industry are the inspiration!  I was working for a traditional magazine a few years ago but was constantly being asked by indie authors to read their books.  Many of those books were every bit as good, if not better, than those I was reading for the traditional authors.  It just didn’t seem fair that the indie authors were being given so few opportunities to promote and become just as successful.

SKY:  What can readers expect to find when they browse www.indtale.com

TJ:  They can find all kinds of great things!  If one is looking for a great book to read, they can look right on the homepage for the featured books of the month (those that rated highest in review) or they can open the genre they like and browse through the hundreds of professionally reviewed books, then just click to pick up their favorites!  We offer tidbits of the latest interviews, articles and columns from each months magazine. We have monthly contests where readers win everything from gift certificates to baskets of books, we even have a weekly cover contest to vote on... Yikes!   I could be here all day!  It’s easiest just to point you in the right direction and let you see for yourself!

SKY:  What can readers expect from InD’tale magazine? 

TJ:  Every single month they can expect one in-depth conversation with a New York Times/USA today bestselling author where they can get to know that author personally like never before.  They can expect fun and informative articles and columns, a continuing serial romance, introductions to the newest and hottest models and always, they can find the very best books by browsing the 80 - 100 new reviews each month, covering almost all genres.   Basically a readers heaven!!

SKY:  Both the website and magazine are a great way for readers to find authors and vice versa. Tell us a little bit about what you offer authors in the way of advertising. 

TJ:  Because our main focus is to help authors succeed, we work very hard at providing many options for promotion, each to satisfy whatever one’s pocketbook can afford.  Along with the very inexpensive advertising offered in the magazine and on the website, we also run a bi-weekly “Book Bargain” flyer that tells all our subscribers of the latest books that are currently on sale.  We have the “InD’tale suggests” spotlight in our monthly newsletter for books that receive a 4 star or higher rating.  We also accept article submissions and include a short bio, picture and offer a free full page ad for those we publish.  Again, I could go on all day! 

SKY:  How often do you send out InD’tale Magazine to readers? 

TJ:  The magazine publishes and is sent to readers once a month with a 10 issue yearly run.  Once over the Christmas holiday and once in the summer we publish a special double issue so that our staff can enjoy the holidays and their summer vacations. ;)

SKY:  Ohhh, I see you run a Créme de la Cover Contest! Tell us more about that. 

TJ:  Well, along with the RONE awards, which showcase the very best in indie writing each year, we award the very best in cover design. Each week we post 4 of the best covers, taken from the books and/or images submitted to us, for readers to vote on.  The winner of each week’s “semi-final” round receives a free 1/4 page ad in InD’tale magazine.  At the end of every month the winners of the semi-final rounds compete for cover of the month.  That winner is awarded a free full page ad.  Those covers are also entered into the RONE awards to compete for best of the year in their respective genres.

SKY:  InD’tale also offers book reviews. I’d love to hear some details about that. 

TJ:  Book reviews are the very basis from which authors can build their audience and become successful.  Professional reviews are very important to that building but are much different from the personal reviews you see on sites such as Amazon or Goodreads.  Professional reviews receive much higher credibility so are held to much higher standards.  They are the reviews that carry the most weight when readers are searching for a book.  They are also what was lacking in the Indie industry until InD’tale Magazine came along.  Now Indie authors are able to include quotes on their books and in their advertising from a highly credible source that everyone knows and respects.  

SKY:  Thanks again for stopping by, TJ! Readers and authors, doesn't InD'tale sound fabulous? Interested in learning more? Head over to www.indtale.com and browse around. You won't be disappointed!  

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