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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

And YOU Thought You'd Seen It All!

Wow! Only a few weeks left in August. If you’re anything like me that means you’re doing your best to R&R before things start to get crazy again in September when the kiddos go back to school.

But it's not over 'til it's over. I know a way you can really enjoy these last lazy, hazy days of August. In fact, I know a way you can end your summer with a BANG. Ready to have a little fun and win TONS of great stuff? Of course you are! Check this out…

Night Owl Reviews is hosting a Summer Fun Scavenger Hunt. What does that mean? OMG, great things! Baskets of swag! With several big-name authors participating such as Ash Krafton and Eliza Knight, you’re not going to run out of amazing reads to win. Did I mention all the gift certificates being given away? We’re talking $100 GC’s folks! 

And count me in! I'm part of the event. My prize? A $50 Amazon gift card. 

Are you ready to discover??? Are you ready to win??? Then c'mon over!

Click HERE to get started.

Good luck and have fun!!!


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