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Friday, May 24, 2013

Will Travel for Romance! The Best of Bess McBride.

Today it's my pleasure to feature Bess McBride's amazing new boxed set which includes FIVE books for the price of ONE!

If you’re not familiar with her other works I encourage you to take a peek at Moonlight Wishes in Time for a taste of her style. Also, be sure to check out her A Train Through Time series.

Here’s a glimpse of what her boxed set is all about…

The Will Travel for Romance Boxed Set Books 1-5 is a collection of the majority of my contemporary romance books currently available for sale as single titles, however, the boxed set is discounted. The books included in the Will Travel for Romance Boxed Set Books 1-5 are not a series but share several common themes of travel and romance. These stories are for all of us who want to travel but just can’t get away or can’t afford it or...life gets in the way. The stories are sweet to sensual. Happy travels!

A Penny for Your Thoughts (contemporary/romantic suspense): Michigan mental health therapist Penny
Brown runs to the sugary sands of the Alabama Gulf Coast in search of solace following the devastating suicide of one of her clients. But the healing and peace she seeks elude her as a stalker begins to make threatening phone calls from Michigan. She turns to the local authorities only to discover that the Chief of Police is none other than Matt Williams, the man she loved and left fifteen years before...a man she never stopped loving. Matt is ready to fall in love all over again if Penny is finally ready to settle down. But neither of them realize that a killer is much closer than they think. Rekindling their love could cost Penny her life.

A Trail of Love (contemporary/romantic suspense): Kerrie is on the run from a painful past, and she hides in plain sight as a summer employee in the majestic setting of Glacier National Park. When handsome bear ranger, Dace Mitchell, rescues Kerrie from her own foolish behavior...more than once, she finds herself drawn to him against her will...until she discovers he’s already involved with someone else. When Kerrie begins to get mysterious silent phone calls, it seems likely that the past has caught up to her. Can Dace save her from a violent man who will stop at nothing to have her?

A Shy Woman in Love (contemporary romance): Shy Cassie, recovering from
a failed relationship, throws caution to the winds and embarks on a fast-paced group tour of Europe. Although she's in no mood for men, she can't help but fall under the spell of the only single man on the tour, handsome attorney Jay, along with all the other ladies. Jay has eyes only for Cassie, if Cassie would just give him a chance. Through the romantic cities of Rome, Florence, Venice, Lucerne, Paris and London, Jay attempts to pursue the shy woman, with the help of the matchmaking tour members. Until her "failed relationship" shows up, that is, begging her to take him back.

A Sigh of Love (contemporary romance): Abbie is on her way to Anchorage, Alaska to meet George whom she has been corresponding by telephone for the past three months, but when she calls George to let him know she’s coming, he backs out. With nonrefundable plane tickets, Abbie heads off to Alaska anyway, only to meet a tall, handsome anthropology professor who happens to be half Native Alaskan and half Caucasian. By flight's end, Abbie is completely enamored of the stranger, and she doubts her judgment, perhaps even her sanity, as she finds herself falling again for yet another Alaskan male...until George shows up, that is.

On a Warm Sea of Love (contemporary/lovelorn ghosty romance): Hailey Saunders accompanies her beloved matchmaking sister, Megan, on a cruise to the beautiful and exotic Caribbean...something she’s avoided for a long time...ever since her young husband, Zach, was lost off a fishing trawler in the Bering Sea during a storm. But Hailey doesn’t cry for her lost husband. Because Zach returned to her...or at least, his ghost did. A flirtatious but ineligible Scots ship's officer, Alan Campbell, has his eye on Hailey as does the handsome and mysterious European, Karl de Groot. Megan is ready to make a match for her sister, but Zach finds it hard to let his wife go...or is it Hailey who refuses to say goodbye? Three men want her...only one can have her!

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Unknown said...

Thank you for promoting my travel boxed set, Sky! As it happens, I'm off on a cruise to Alaska this Sunday with my daughter and granddaughter, so the wheels are already turning for another travel story involving beaoootiful Alaska!

Cathy McElhaney said...

Awesome series of books! Best of luck Bess! Thank you Sky, for promoting this talented writer!