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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My Bewitching Kindlegraph

What words came to my mind when I wrote this? Exciting, mind-blowing, crazy, over-the-top and can’t-get-enough.

Slow down. What am I yapping about? All the pure FUN I’ve been having lately!

I meant to have this post up sooner but with the start of the school year, I’ve had my hands full. So here goes…

First thing. Did you know I can sign your digital book now? Woot! Cool, eh? If you’d like my personal John Hancock (and brief message) lovingly signed on one of your favorite Sky Purington titles simply click the big white box below, choose a title and request an autograph. Altogether, you're looking at three simple clicks. Easy as pie!

In addition, I’m on an extended book tour with Bewitching Book Tours that runs through the end of September. So far it’s been amazing but there’s MUCH MORE to come. This book tour covers the titles from my Calum’s Curse Trilogy, The Victorian Lure, The Georgian Embrace and The Tudor Revival. Hope to see a few of you along the way. Be sure to enter the Rafflecopter for a chance to win some books!

Interested in joining me? Click HERE to hit my website. Once there, click on ‘Book Tours.’

If you’re lucky you just might get my Bewitching Kindlegraph on a free Ebook. *silly grin* Sorry, but I thought it was a catchy blog post title. Can you tell I'm in a fun mood?

Big news coming up soon about a great new site for authors so stay tuned!

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Alisha said...


Sky Purington said...

LOL, Alisha! Love your enthusiasm, sweetie! :-)

E. B. Walters said...

LOL, yeah you sound like you're having so much fun. Love kindlegraph. Followed your link from Triberr

Sky Purington said...

E.B., I'm such a sucker for new gadgets. SO LOVE technology! :-)