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Monday, March 21, 2011

Celts & More. P.L. Parker's, Absolution. What You Never Got To Read!

Welcome to my Celts & More Blog Event! It’s hard to believe there are only a few weeks left but I still have some fantastic authors to welcome over.

For those of you joining me for the first time this particular blog event has an added bonus. Each author is either sharing a deleted scene from one of their stories or a skit they wrote especially for this event.

This week it’s my pleasure to welcome back fabulously talented author, P.L. Parker. This visit she’ll be sharing her titles, Absolution and Into the Savage Dawn.


For years, travelers in the French Vosges Mountains heard the wailing of a woman echo in the hollows. Her cries went unbidden. No one was brave enough to seek out the source. Over time, the screams lessen, then stop. Eventually, even the memories slipped away, forgotten.

Six centuries later, two over-eager research assistants find and release the young half vampire, Chloe — unaware of events they unwittingly unleash with her.

Far away, other forces are aware of her awakening. Zaccarius, greatest of all the Slayers, is sent by the Council of Nine to seek out Chloe, determine her worth and render justice. Enticed by her purity and innocence, he becomes her protector. However, Jochad, the Dark Master and his army of evil vampires are eager to claim Chloe.

In the battle that ensues, Zaccarius falls beneath Jochad’s army. To save her lover, Chloe must make a choice. Ancient and dying, Jochad needs her blood to reanimate. His ultimatum—her blood or Zaccarius’ life.

What P.L. Parker had to say about her excerpt...“There is a part of my novel where Zaccarius mourns that he will never see the beauteous one. Here is a scene I might have added to Absolution."

Never-Before-Read Scene from ABSOLUTION…

Why must I be here? Zaccarius scanned the tightly packed mass of overdressed bodies, holding his breath to minimize his reaction to the smell of unwashed and sweating bodies. Bluebloods they liked to call themselves. He grimaced, running a hand under his the color of his doublet. I be here because my father hopes some money-grubbing mama will trap me for her marriage-minded daughter. He edged through the crowd finding an open spot to stand beneath a curving staircase. But at least here fresh air from the open patio circulated. He inhaled, catching the scent of poppies and new mown grass.

The sound of feminine laughter drew his attention. His eyes traveled up the staircase to the walkway above. Maidens too young to be presented lined the banister, wide-eyed with envy as they watched the ball from their virginal perch. Silly young things with no thought but sometime in the future to find the richest beau!

Leisurely, he glanced down the line, blinking several times as he viewed the last. Small and petite, shining black hair fell in a cascade beneath her hips. His mouth grew dry, his heart rate elevated. Beneath arched brows, eyes the color of violets in the spring graced a face so delicate and sensual, he could scarce breathe. Who be this wondrous creature?

As if sensing his perusal, she glanced down. Full lips curved in a winsome smile. The smooth cheeks pinked. Nervous, she chewed her lower lip with straight white teeth. Even so young, a beauty in the making!

‘Twould be some years before she be on the marriage market. P’raps I’ll return when the time is right!

Sky here. Loved it, P.L.! Thanks for sharing.

What they're saying...

"Once again P.L. Parker has done it. This is an absolutely wonderful story. The characters are wonderful and the story is well written. I loved the dialogue and each one of the characters that grew close to Chloe and help her adjust to her life and what she is. You really get involved with the characters and what they go through and you just can't help but to fall in love with them.

Thanks once again for another great story Ms. Parker. Keep them coming."

Dana J. Simmons
Amazon Review

Purchase ABSOLUTION at Eternal Press and Amazon.


Sent back 40,000 years to the ends of the last great Ice Age, the time travelers embark on a journey of survival and discovery. The brutal and cannibalistic Cro-Magnons discover the small band and attack. Forced to flee from their high mountain encampment, the tribe heads into the dawn, towards the Pacific Ocean and their dream of ultimately reaching North America. Geena and Micah are left behind to lead the Cros away from the escaping tribe. When he is killed, she finds herself terribly alone. Severely injured and without hope or resources, she nonetheless is determined to survive and find the people. Survival of the fittest - that is the law of primordial Earth.

Purchase SAVAGE DAWN at Willow Moon Publishing and Amazon.

Visit P.L. Parker at her Website and Blog. Parker can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and Good Reads.

Interested in meeting another great author? Perhaps winning a prize? Be sure to pop over to The Write Life now!

Thanks for joining us.



P.L. Parker said...

Good Morning everyone, and thanks Sky for hosting me. Love the site, always full of great information and interesting themes.

Sky Purington said...

Morning! Great to have you over. LOVE the cover for Absolution. Stunning!

P.L. Parker said...

Thanks - Dawne Dominique is the cover artist. I've seen others she has done - pretty amazing.

Margaret West said...

Dominique has done some of my covers too. Fab isn't she! Love this blog theme. Good luck with the book.

P.L. Parker said...

Thanks Margaret for stopping by.

Sky Purington said...

Thanks for popping in, Margaret! Until seeing P.L.'s cover I was unfamiliar with Dawne's work. Really beautiful. Will have to check out your covers.

TY about the blog theme. I thought it'd be fun! :-)

Sky Purington said...

P.L., tell us, what's next on your list? Are you currently working on a story? Details please!

P.L. Parker said...

I've just finished the first draft of a SciFi romance. Sort of a Westward the Women only into the stars. Stepping out of my comfort zone again, but this was a fun story to write and since I am such a SciFi fan, I think it was a good choice.

What's next? Hmmmm, will have to start plotting.

Chicks of Characterization said...

Wow this book sounds AWESOME! Loved the Secret Scene! Once again, a wonderful interview! Thanks so much for sharing!!!


P.L. Parker said...

Thanks Andrea for stopping by. Sky's idea of a scene that might have been is a great one. Really made me stop and think - something I try to do every so often :)

Sky said...

P.L., I'm going the way of SciFi's too. Well after finished current projects. Always a good thing to step out of one's safety zone. And the fact you had fun writing it... win, win! Is it a novel, novella, etc?

Sky said...

Thanks for swinging over, Andrea. Always good to 'see' you, sweetie! Couldn't agree more, Absolution sounds like a 'must read!'

Pommawolf Emeraldwolfeyes said...

I love this genre, and it has grown so much over the years that I am so far behind the many gifted writers. It used to be thats all read, and then I got so busy I lost the time to read. Now I find the most amazing authors..Thank you for the wonderful excerpt.*S*


pommawolf @ hotmail.dot com

P.L. Parker said...

Actually my current SciFi is a full length novel, in fact the longest one I've written so far, over 100,000 words right now and just first draft with a lot of fill in spots.

Thanks for stopping by Darcy and commenting.

Sky said...

Darcy, I so get losing time to read. Kind of sad really, but it happens to the best of us. TY for stopping in! Glad you found P.L.'s work!

Sky said...

100,000 words P.L.? Oh yeah, I'm drooling. Nothing like a FULL novel. Totally awesome! I wish more novels were that long. Totally miss sitting down with a book that filled my hands. That I knew would last through at least a few ups and downs of my life. I'd think that's what every reader needs and adores in a book! WTG, hun!

P.L. Parker said...

I know what you mean Sky. Books like Gone With the Wind, Clan of the Cave Bear - books that can occupy a reader for more than a day.

Unknown said...

Dawne Dominique is amazing. She's done most of my covers and I love working with her.

Enjoyed the post, especially the "unshared scene."

Sky, Love your blog. I found it to be comfortable and calming.

P.L. Parker said...

Thanks for stopping by Ginger - I really think Dawne caught the feeling of the story with the cover.

I agree, Sky's blog is a great one.

Sky Purington said...

Thanks, Ginger & P.L. for the compliments about my blog! Comfortable and soothing sounds perfect when life always seems so hectic. :-)

P.L. Parker said...

One last post to thank Sky for being such a gracious host. Enjoyed the visit this week and starting tomorrow through next week, stop by my blog and visit with Sky.

Sky Purington said...

It was fantastic having you visit, P.L.! EVERYONE, JOIN ME THIS WEEK as I visit P.L. Parker at her blog!!! http://www.plparker.blogspot.com/