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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I'm back, up for some Halloween fun?

I'm back from Aruba! I know I never mentioned I was heading there...hey, a girl has to have secrets, smile. My family and I had a super time. Regrettably, a tropical depression hit the island on Tuesday and Wednesday, but, well....one can weather anything when they're on vacation! Now I can officially report what it's like to drive through two feet of water....more scary than you'd think!

Anyway, the first frost hit here in New England when I got home and I can say that it's officially 'Halloween Time' here in New Hampshire. So, I'll just throw up a fun link for now. If you have a sec and want to strain your brain with your family click here....http://www.dedge.com/flash/halloween/

Talk to you all very soon, there will be alot going on soon!


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