Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday season!

Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday season!

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Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Christmas Ride has started!


This is your chance to win a prize a day through Christmas Eve and one grand prize... a $75 Wild Rose Press giftcard. Are you getting an e-reader for Christmas? Well, what better than to fill it with e-books from sweet to erotic!!!

How do you begin this incredible journey?

Each day, the link to the next blog destination will be posted.To enter to win the grand prize, you make a list of all the Christmas carols and submit the list as instructed. With 28 prizes, what have you got to lose? At least the cookies and drinks are calorie free

I do apologize as I was offline for the holiday so I'm posting this a few days late. Just to get you caught up, the ride started at http://www.elainepcantrell.blogspot.com/, then moved on to http://plparker.blogspot.com/ on the 29th. It's at http://lynnreynolds.blogspot.com/ today so swing by and join in some holiday fun. Keep your eyes peeled at lynn Reynold’s site for the next stop on the blog ride.

It just started snowing and I’ve lots of decorating to get done so I must be off. Have a super time on the Christmas Ride!



bloggingexperiments said...

The Christmas Blog Ride is so much fun...but it's been derailed.

Elaine links to Roni, who doesn't have a clue yet.

I came back here to get your links, and continued along my ride...to Teri's where she has an incorrect link address link to, again, Roni.

Hopefully, you guys can get the bugs fixed. This is an awesome idea!

Skhye said...

Roni will post tomorrow. We had an issue with the first person starting a day late. Today, there are two blogs to visit to make up for the derailment. :) ~Insane Engineer